Rep. Peter King Plans 5th Hearing With “Astroturf” Muslim Witnesses - updated 6/20/2012
Posted Jun 20, 2012

Rep. Peter King Plans 5th Hearing With “Astroturf” Muslim Witnesses

by Sheila Musaji

Government Security News reports that:

House Homeland Security Committee chairman Peter King (R-NY) plans to convene a fifth hearing on radicalization within the Muslim-American community.

The scheduled June 20 hearing titled “The American Muslim Response to Hearings on Radicalization within their Community” is the latest in a series King has held that have drawn the ire of Islamic groups, some civil liberties organizations and fellow congressmen. Critics have said King has focused too narrowly on American Muslims and has ignored other domestic terror threats.

The first hearings focused radicalization of Muslim-Americans generally, radicalization in U.S. prisons, al-Shabaab’s recruitment of young American Muslims, and threats to military communities inside the U.S following attacks at Fort Hood and in Little Rock.

“When I began this series of investigative hearings in March of last year to examine radicalization within the Muslim-American community, I was vilified by the politically correct media, pandering politicians and radical groups such as CAIR – even though this issue was non-partisan and of serious concern to national security and counterterrorism officials in the Obama administration,” said King in the June 13 announcement .

“Next week’s hearing, at which I will be calling three Muslim witnesses, will expand on the prior hearings to examine the impact they have had in the Muslim Community’s ability to address this issue and on U.S. efforts to counter al-Qaeda and affiliated groups’ radicalizing of Muslims in this country to carry out terrorist attacks on the homeland,” said King.

King’s invited witness list includes John Cohen, principal coordinator for Counterterrorism, Department of Homeland Security.

The committee also invited M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D., president and founder, American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) , which advocates for Constitutional preservation and the separation of mosque and state. Jasser testified at King’s first radicalization hearing March 10, 2011.

Additional witnesses include Asra Nomani, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and current journalism lecturer at Georgetown University. She is also co-director of the Pearl Project, an investigation into the murder of Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

The committee also tapped Dr. Qanta A. A. Ahmed, M.D. , writer on political and religious issues relating to Islam and author of “In the Land of Invisible Women,” a memoir about living and working as a western Muslim woman in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The committee said Ahmed is board certified physician and a recognized expert in health issues pertaining to the Hajj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, with her work relating to Hajj medicine appearing in The Lancet and other leading publications.

I can’t imagine what expertise these particular Muslim witnesses would have that would shed any light on examining “the impact” King’s previous hearings “have had in the Muslim Community’s ability to address this issue.”  According to the title of this hearing - it is a hearing to ascertain the Muslim communities response to his previous hearings.  These witnesses are disconnected from the mainstream community, and won’t be able to provide much information on that question.  However, all three of these Muslim witnesses are in agreement as to their personal views on lots of issues of concern to the American Muslim community.  For example, Qanta Ahmed expressed strong support for the NYPD spying program, as did Asra Nomani and Zuhdi Jasser. 

In the article Asra Nomani, Tarek Fatah and Zuhdi Jasser: ‘Please! Pretty Please Spy on Me!’ about a rally of about 20 people in support of NYPD spying, Garibaldi of Loonwatch noted:

The loons’ rally attracted 20 or so supporters and…*gasp*…Rep.Peter King. Whodathunkit? The fact that IRA supporting Peter King would stand with the very same non-expert neo-Con witness he called at his McCarthyesque witch-hunt trials and declare, “you are the real face of Islam in America” is so shocking (note: thinly-veiled sarcasm).

Oh yes, Sheikh Peter King is now pontificating on who the “real” Muslims are. You are a real Muslim if you align yourself with the right-wing, agree with your community being spied on, (thereby undermining every citizens civil liberties), agree with the over-exaggerated “homegrown terrorism” threat, agree with entrapment, agree with the Greater Islamophobia of “bombing, invading and occupying” Muslim majority nations.

...  The sparse number of pro-surveillance and pro-anti-Muslim indoctrination ralliers indicates that most American Muslims are overwhelmingly opposed to the NYPD’s bigoted indoctrination of its officers as well as the warrantless surveillance of Muslims. An opposition that is born not just out of their recent plight, being cast as “today’s enemy,” but out of a consistency of principal; no one should be profiled based simply on religion or race, no group should endure warrantless surveillance.

One can imagine that in a not too distant future, these very same self-hating loons, eager to be profiled and spied on, will also be saying, “please, please intern me, somebody, please intern me!”

Update I:

Make sure to check out Danios’s article on the same topic: Zuhdi Jasser’s Astroturf Muslim Groups Behind Rally to Support NYPD Spying.

In one of my many articles on Peter King and his hearings, Zuhdi Jasser-AIFD/AILC - Identified by Rep. King as Ideal American Muslim Leadership I discuss King’s selection of individuals like Jasser at length.  That article has a great deal of detailed information (with references) about Jasser and his activities, associations, controversies and organizations.  The section relating to King’s hearings includes this

During the first of Peter King’s planned hearings “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response”, Zuhdi Jasser was the star witness.  Why was he put in this position as the face of American Muslims?  He is not a scholar of Islam.  He is not part of the leadership of any national Muslim organization. 

TAM has had a number of articles over the years about a neo-con strategy called Religion Building and on the devious process of labeling and identifying “moderate” Muslims.  (type religion building or moderate Muslims in the TAM search for many of these articles)  It seems as if this religion building strategy has entered a new phase - actively attempting to set up an individual and/or organization as the authorized spokesman for the American Muslim community.  Enter Zuhdi Jasser and AIFD.

...  Jasser has been positioning himself as THE moderate Muslim for many years, and his testimony was almost an appeal to consider AIFD as the new organizational face of American Muslims and to help them financially (that sounds like using our tax dollars) - which Jasser thinks wouldn’t be in conflict with the first amendment.  The champion of freedom wants to tear down the wall of separation between church and state and have the government support and encourage particular Muslim voices.  This is both surprising and not surprising from Jasser.  It is surprising that someone who has been such an outspoken critic of the dangers of Sharia to want to tear down this wall of separation.  (More on the anti-Sharia craze here) This is not surprising since Jasser’s understanding of the Constitution and the rights it gives to American citizens seems limited.  During the hearing, Jasser made a remarkable statement that encouraging Muslims to have an attorney present when they speak to law enforcement is enabling “political Islam”.  This showed the level of his expertise.  Fortunately Rep. Sanchez corrected him about this important right of all citizens.

...  And, here is where it gets really scary.   King said during the hearings “Responsible Muslim American leaders must reject discredited groups such as CAIR.” 

This phrase was repeated onn King’s Congressional website where he posted a justification for these hearings which included this paragraph “This means that responsible Muslim-American leaders must reject discredited groups such as CAIR — The Committee on Islamic-American Relations which was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the terrorist financing case involving the Holyland Foundation. “

And, then he delivered the double whammy.  As Michelle Boorstein reports

Standing before a throng of cameras after his high-profile hearing on Muslim radicalization, Rep. Peter T, King (R-N.Y.) once again attacked major Muslim American organizations and their leaders, whom King described as soft on extremism.

Asked to identify better leaders, the Long Island Republican pointed to the wavy-haired man beside him, Arizona physician Zuhdi Jasser. Jasser, the head of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, had just been his star witness atThursday’s hearing.

“To me, a group like Dr. Jasser’s would be ideal,” King said, calling the forum “the most compatible” with American values”**

  Boorstein also notes ... an organization that until a few years ago had an annual budget of less than $20,000 and a few volunteers.  ...  In 2007, a major GOP donor,Foster Friess, gave it $100,000, which Jasser developed by last year into a $400,000 operation with four staff members.   More on Friess and Jasser here.

...  Summing up:

—   A GOP backer has pumped a great deal of money into Jasser’s organization. 
—   Jasser has a seal of approval from Glenn Beck, Frank Gaffney, David Horowitz, Brigitte Gabriel, Daniel Pipes and lots of other Islamophobes.
—   Newt Gingrich (who may run for President of the U.S.) included Jasser in his anti-Muslim film and identified Jasser as a “courageous, moderate Muslim”. 
—   Rep. Peter King thinks that AIFD (Jasser’s organization) would be an ideal organization to “better” represent the American Muslim Community. 

Rep. King has said that there will be a series of these hearings for up to one and a half years.  That will certainly be plenty of time to complete the job of marginalizing the American Muslim community, demonizing 100% of the existing leadership, finding more funding, and replacing that existing leadership with Zuhdi Jasser, and whoever he deems “moderate” and appropriate spokespeople.

On TAM we have published a number of articles on Rep. Peter King’s Hearings and related U.S. government and military hearings and training that most American Muslims consider to be Islamophobic:

TAM has an article The American Muslim Community and Rep. Peter King’s “Islamic” Radicalization Hearings which has a great deal of background on Peter King and these hearings, which includes an extensive article collection.  We also have a series of articles breaking down various aspects of the hearings.
-   Peter King’s Hearing: What Was the Point? discussing the content of the hearings, with a collection of articles written after the hearing ended. 
Peter King’s Civics Lesson for American Muslims which has a collection of anti-Muslim statements by elected representatives and government officials made during and before the hearings.  
Existing reports and studies on radicalization in the American Muslim Community and Polls, Surveys, and Statistics Relating to Islam and Muslims  with actual hard evidence so lacking in the hearing.  
Response of Civic Organizations and Interfaith Community to “Muslim Radicalization” Hearings  
Elected Representatives & Government Officials Who HAVE Questioned Islamophobia with quotes from elected representives and government officials attempting to counter the bias of this hearing both during and before the hearing.  
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All of these articles will be updated as further information comes in, and there will be more articles in this series.

There are only three Muslim witnesses being called for this hearing.  None of them has expertise on the topic the hearing is supposed to address.  None of them is actively involved in any serious or ongoing way with any established or widely respected national or local American Muslim organizations.  None of them have been or are involved in any way with actual groups or think tanks involved in collecting and analyzing actual data.  The only qualification they seem to have is that they are Muslims, and that Rep. King has identified them as “good Muslims”.

This hearing is not likely to be productive, or informative, or have any result other than to further demonize and marginalize the American Muslim community.

Note:  Definition of “astroturf” from the Online Slang Dictionary:  •The term “astroturf” is a play on “grassroots”. “Grassroot movements” arise organically through the people. “Astroturfing”, then, is artificial grassroots.

UPDATE 6/20/2012

I have just been made aware that there may be at least one Muslim witness at todays hearing who has some expertise on the subject at hand.  The New Jersey Star Ledger reports that Committee Democrats invited one witness, Faiza Patel, co-director of the Liberty and National Security Program at New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice.

Asra Nomani posted an article about what she plans to testify about in todays hearing. 

In that article she says

Already, instead of dealing with the substance of the issue, Muslim organizations such as the Muslim Public Affairs Council has adopted a strategy of deflecting attention, by launching personal attacks against me and the other witnesses, Dr Zuhdi Jasser and Dr Qanta Ahmed, as illegitimate voices because we “are not representative of any mainstream sentiment in the American Muslim community”.

A Muslim blogger called us “astroturf Muslims”, engaging in the politics of “takfir”, or Muslims declaring other Muslims “bad Muslims”.

In my testimony, I will argue that, inside much of our Muslim communities, we have departed from our very clear sense of holding ourselves accountable, symbolically – for example, saying “salam” at the end of prayer to figurative angels sitting on our shoulders, recording our deeds, good and bad. I will argue that many in our Muslim society have adopted a culture as “wound collectors”, a term coined by former FBI agent Joe Navarro to describe terrorists of all identities, holding onto grievances and responding to scrutiny with a strategy characterized by four distinct elements: denial, deflection, demonization, and defensiveness.

The Muslim community’s response to the hearings on radicalization within our community – much like the response of many communities to internal problems – hasn’t been one of taking ownership of our problems, but rather engaging in a strategy of deflection. This strategy has expressed itself in our wider response to radicalization, terrorism, and the presence of an intolerant interpretation of Islam in our world today.

She links to this article on “astroturf Muslims” - but calling anything that I said “takfir” is an example of the level of her Islamic knowledge, and of her honesty and integrity.  Takfir is to declare another Muslim to be an unbeliever - to say that they are not really a Muslim, or are an apostate.  I did not in the article she refers to, or in any other article or even private conversation ever call her, or the other witnesses unbelievers. 

This is a serious charge she is making against me, especially since I have supported the Amman Declaration which specifically forbids declaring any adherent to any one of the eight schools of jurisprudence or to Sufism, an apostate.  I also have stood strongly for freedom of religion, and freedom to choose one’s faith. 

What I DID SAY (my words from the article above) was

I can’t imagine what expertise these particular Muslim witnesses would have that would shed any light on examining “the impact” King’s previous hearings “have had in the Muslim Community’s ability to address this issue.” According to the title of this hearing - it is a hearing to ascertain the Muslim communities response to his previous hearings. These witnesses are disconnected from the mainstream community, and won’t be able to provide much information on that question. However, all three of these Muslim witnesses are in agreement as to their personal views on lots of issues of concern to the American Muslim community. For example, Qanta Ahmed expressed strong support for the NYPD spying program, as did Asra Nomani and Zuhdi Jasser.

...  There are only three Muslim witnesses being called for this hearing. None of them has expertise on the topic the hearing is supposed to address. None of them is actively involved in any serious or ongoing way with any established or widely respected national or local American Muslim organizations. None of them have been or are involved in any way with actual groups or think tanks involved in collecting and analyzing actual data. The only qualification they seem to have is that they are Muslims, and that Rep. King has identified them as “good Muslims”.

This hearing is not likely to be productive, or informative, or have any result other than to further demonize and marginalize the American Muslim community.

As anyone can see, I repeatedly identify them as Muslim witnesses, and call nothing into question except their expertise on the topic at hand, and their actual involvement with the mainstream Muslim community.

Nomani opens her article with this Qur’anic verse:  “O ye who believe!  Stand out firmly For justice, as witnesses To God, even if it may be Against Yourselves, or your parents Or your kin.  – “Al-Nisa” (The Women), Qur’an, 4:135

Her demonstrable lie about me is not “standing firmly for justice”, or being an “honest witness”.  She should be ashamed!

Bob Pitt of Islamophobia Watch noted about Nomani’s summary of her planned testimony and this false charge

So, not only is the US Muslim community in denial about the presence of dangerous radicals in their midst, but in taking this position they themselves are adopting a terrorist world-view.

And, would you believe it, some Muslim critics have the nerve to claim that Nomani, along with her fellow collaborators Zuhdi Jasser and Qanta Ahmed, “are not representative of any mainstream sentiment in the American Muslim community”. Sheila Musaji has gone so far as to describe them as “astroturf” Muslims.

Now, that’s a phrase I must file for future use.

I’m glad that he likes the “astroturf Muslim” term, but credit should go to Danios of Loonwatch, whom I believe to have been the first to use the term.

Garibaldi of Loonwatch reports on todays hearings

The lone voice for reason was Faiza Patel, who reverted to those pesky things called FACTS in her testimony. Relying on empirical evidence and studies Patel highlighted the basic point that we have been arguing for quite some time on Loonwatch: “The so-called Homegrown Terrorism Threat is grossly exaggerated.” She also pointed out that the hearings have overwhelmingly been received negatively by the American Muslim community.

As occurred in the past there were courageous Congressmen and women who spoke out strongly against the hearings as casting a pall of suspicion over the whole American Muslim community, singling out Muslims and feeding Islamophobia while not serving any practical benefit at all.

The fighters for justice in this regard are the same as in the first hearing: Rep. Sheila J. Lee, Rep. Al Green, Rep. Laura Richardson, Rep. Clarke, Rep. Sanchez and more.


-Faiza Patel sounding off on the panelists’ interest in theologically debating Islam, pointing out that “debating Islam is not the Government’s business.”

-Rep. Green asking when we are going to have a hearing on radicalization amongst Christian Americans?

-Rep. Richardson pointing out that “this is not a talk show, this isn’t Oprah, this is a US Congressional Hearing; panelists should be professionals.”

-The strange attempt to link giving up of smoking/drinking, ”hip hop clothing”, and going to the mosque more often with the process of radicalization. Something tells me these are not indicators of “radicalization.”

You can see videos and transcripts of todays hearing HERE.  Transcript of Zuhdi Jasser’s testimony here, transcript of Asra Nomani’s testimony here, transcript of Qanta Ahmed’s testimony here, transcript of Faiza Patel’s testimony here.



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