Kassam, Tazim
Posted Jan 9, 2005

Tazim Kassam is Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies and South Asian Religions at Syracuse University and co-chair of the Study of Islam section of the American Academy of Religion. She received her Ph.D. in the History of Religions from McGill University with a specialization in Islamic and Hindu traditions. She has served as a Lilly Teaching Scholar and has been a recipient of an National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) fellowship for college professors. Her interests include: gender and development issues, computer-based learning technologies, and community service. Her book, Songs of Wisdom and Circles of Dance (SUNY, 1995), offers a critical historical introduction to a major scholarly translation of the devotional hymns of Ismaili Muslims in the Indian subcontinent.

From http://environment.harvard.edu/religion/information/about/biolist.html