IN MEMORIAM: Glen Doherty, Killed in Libya Consulate Attack
Posted Sep 14, 2012

IN MEMORIAM: Glen Doherty, Killed in Libya Consulate Attack

by Mikey Weinstein

With enormous sadness, it is our regrettable duty to report the loss of active MRFF Advisory Board Member Glen Doherty, a victim of the terrible September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. The attack also claimed the life of U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens.

As a highly decorated former Navy SEAL and veteran of innumerable fierce battles, Glen’s love of life was only outscaled by his fearlessness, his indomitable willpower, and his unbending sense of duty. For Glen Doherty, combating the unconstitutional religious proselytizing within the U.S. military was simply a matter of fulfilling his sworn oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. In his capacity as one of the longest-serving core contributors to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, Glen initiated and fulfilled his tasks with enormous verve and unflagging enthusiasm. With great interest and a near-clairvoyant ability to forecast threats, challenges, and trends, Glen helped steer the foundation towards some of its most sterling triumphs.

Indeed, Glen was a brother, a dear family friend, and a trusted colleague of inestimable worth. All who knew him were positively affected by his larger-than-life charisma and dynamism. His tragic absence is already being sorely felt, but the radiance he exuded will ensure that our memory of his deeds will never dim. Indeed, Glen’s indelible contributions to our shared cause will long outlive his tragically shortened life.

Glen was one of the first MRFF Advisory Board members and was a passionate core contributor to the fight to prevent a fundamentalist Christian coup within the United States Armed Forces.

Glen lived and died believing in the righteous cause of religious tolerance and dialogue among all peoples and faiths around the globe.
The Military Religious Freedom Foundation offers its most sincere condolences to Glen Doherty’s family.

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Comment by Sheila Musaji, Editor of The American Muslim.  I also sit on the advisory board of MRFF and although I did not know Glen Doherty face-to-face, know that and all the members of that board take religious freedom, and religious tolerance seriously and work tirelessly to maintain those freedoms.  Mikey Weinstein, I am certain, speaks for the entire advisory board.