Hirabah - Jihad - Terrorism - Violence - Just War - Crusades - updated 7/6/12
Posted Jul 6, 2012

Hirabah - Jihad - Terrorism - Violence - Just War - Crusades - article collection

compiled by Sheila Musaji

Danios of Loonwatch has published a series of articles that provide a great deal of information on jihad, crusades, just war, terrorism, and violence in relation to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Disclaimer:  Please read Danios’ disclaimer, Why Religious Zionism, Not Judaism, is the Problem, as well as this earlier disclaimer.  In these, Danios discusses why he felt the need to write these articles, and his very real concern that they be understood as a response to Islamophobic attacks on Islam, and not to offend Jews or Christians who have not engaged in such Islamophobic activities.  Here is a passage from Danios’ disclaimer that I believe expresses his concern (and my own) very well:

Having been a very strong advocate of religious tolerance and pluralism, it is with great reservation in my heart that I publish the Understanding Jihad Series, which compares violence and war in the Judeo-Christian tradition to the jihad of Islam.  Certainly, the intention is not to target one particular faith or religious group.  Quite the contrary, the goal is to prevent religious majoritarianism, whereby the dominant religious and cultural group is able to target weaker, poorly represented minority populations.  These articles are meant to prevent a certain level of religious smugness that has become quite prevalent today.  In the words of Prof. Philip Jenkins, “Jews and Christians…so ignore their own scriptures that they become self-righteous” towards Muslims and Islam.

The aggressive way that anti-Muslim propagandists have pushed the Islamophobic idea–that Muhammad/Islam/Quran/Sharia/Allah are so uniquely violent and warlike–has made it almost impossible for me not to write such articles. The data makes my case overwhelming: a recent Pew Research poll found that almost half of U.S. adults think that the Islamic religion is more likely to encourage violence than other religions, a figure that has almost doubled since 2002.  A clear majority of conservative Republicans (66%), white Evangelicals (60%), and Tea Baggers (67%) believe Islam is more violent than other religions, with a plurality of whites (44%) and older folks (42-46%) also thinking this.  (Of note is that blacks, Hispanics, and liberal Democrats are significantly less bigoted towards Islam.)  The idea that Islam is more violent than other religions–held most strongly by old white conservatives–is a key pillar to the edifice of Islamophobia.  The need for the Understanding Jihad Series seems self-evident.

Any time Islam is mentioned on the internet, pseudo-experts ferociously start copying and pasting a litany of Islamic texts to whack Muslims over the head with.  This anti-Muslim sentiment, fueled by profound ignorance (of both their own scriptures and Islamic), is no longer limited to fringe elements and has found its way into the mainstream.  Pro-Israeli hawks, in particular, have tried to transform this bigotry of Islam from a merely theological tussle into state policy.  It is hoped that pointing to Judeo-Christian scriptural sources that are far more violent than what is quoted from Islamic sources will instill in the extremist Zionists and Messianic Christians a level of religious humility.

My fear in so doing, of course, is of offending well-meaning Jews and Christians.  Indeed, while it is true that there is a definite link between Zionism and Islamophobia, it is also true that some of the most effective defenders of Muslims are in fact Jews.  These include such notable personalities as Glenn Greenwald, Richard Silverstein, Jon Stewart, Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky, Max Blumenthal, and–without naming names–even some writers of LoonWatch (gasp!).  To be absolutely clear, I do not think that Judaism and Christianity are violent religions.  What I am simply trying to prove is that just because certain Quranic verses seem violent, one cannot make sweeping statements of the religion based on this…no more so than showing certain violent Biblical verses would prove the inherent nature of Judaism or Christianity.  When people from the majority group realize that their own religious tradition also has “problematic” texts, they are usually more hesitant to rush to judgment about other faiths.

Loonwatch’s Understanding Jihad Series:

Introduction: Is Islam More Likely Than Other Religions to Encourage Violence?
Part 1: Warrior Prophet: Moses or Muhammad?
Part 2: Who was the Most Violent Prophet in History? 
Part 3: The Suicide Bomber Prophet 
Part 4: What the Quran-bashers Don’t Want You to Know About the Bible
Part 5: Jesus Loves His Enemies…and Then Kills Them All
Part 6:  The Bible’s Prescriptive, Open-Ended, and Universal Commandments to Wage Holy War and Enslave Infidels Part 6-i , Part 6-ii, Part 6-iii, Part 6-iv
Part 7: Majority of Americans Believe the Bible is Literally True and the Word of God 
Part 8:  The “But That’s Just the Old Testament!” Cop-Out 
Part 9:  The Bible’s Yahweh, a War-God?: Called “Lord of Armies” Over 280 Times in the Bible and “Lord of Peace” Just Once Part 9-i, Part 9-ii.

Loonwatch’s Does Jewish Law Justify Killing Civilians? Series

Introduction: Does Jewish Law Justify Killing Civilians?
Part 1:  The Top Five Ways Jewish Law Justifies Killing Civilians;
Part 2:  #1 Civilians Are Really Combatants
Part 3:  Collective Punishment is Kosher Part 3-i, Part 3-ii, Part 3-iii, Part 3-iv

Loonwatch’s The Christian Just War Series
Part 1: What I Bet You Didn’t Know About the Christian Just War Tradition (I), Danios
Part 2: Was the Early Church Really Pacifist?, Danios
Part 3: Saint Ambrose’s Holy War Against Infidels, Dorado

TAM has also published a series of articles that provide a great deal of information on jihad, crusades, just war, terrorism, and violence in relation to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam:

Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism list of article collections and resources on this and other topics including responses to Islamophobic claims.
- Part I & II Fatwas & Statements by Muslim Scholars & Organizations against extremism and terrorism
- Part III Statements & Articles by Individuals
- Part IV A few Quotes A-K, and L-Z
- Part V Muslim Voices Promoting Islamic Non Violent Solutions 
- Part VI Qur’an & Hadith Against Extremism and Terrorism
- Part VII Selective Hearing of Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism 
- Part VIII Religious terrorism is an oxymoron, Sheila Musaji
- Part IX Throwing Stones at the Qur’an From a Biblical Glass House, Sheila Musaji
- Part X Claim that all terrorists are Muslims ignores history
- Part XI A Spiritual Jihad Against Terrorism (5 parts), Sheila Musaji
Part XII Muslim Scholars Appeal to Christian Scholars for Dialogue and Peace - “A Common Word”, Sheila Musaji
Part XIII Muslim Violence, Christian Non-Violence:  People in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Words, Sheila Musaji

Also see Responses to Misrepresentation or Misunderstanding of Arabic and Islamic Terms and Responses to Misrepresentation or Misinterpretation of Specific Verses of the Qur’an for more detailed information on these and other terms. 


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