Haroon, Hajj D. A.
Posted Oct 7, 2005

Hajj D. A. Haroon [Fakir Abdul-Ghani]

Hajj D. A. Haroon, an African-American Muslim, born in Boston, Massachusetts as John Mancebo Lewis. He has in his own words spent a lifetime: Trying to make sense out of NonsenseӔ.

Since 1956 he has performed and recorded as a Jazz Trombonist and Percussionist. He has strong cultural links with both traditional world music and the Avant-Garde. He is the former Artist in Residence in African-American Music at Wesleyan University, Middletown Connecticut (1973-74) where he also received his B.A. He is listed in The International Whos Who In Music & Music Directory (8th Ed. Cambridge, England)

Mr. Haroon has a Masters Degree in History and has taught as an interim Instructor at Texas Southern University and as an Adjunct Instructor with The Houston Community College System. He has traveled throughout the Middle East, Africa, and The Caribbean. Hajj Haroon was a student and confidant of the late Sheikh Al Hajj Daoud Ahmed Faisal, founder and Director of The Islamic Mission of America, Brooklyn, NY, where he lived in the early 1960Ғs and served on the Board of Directors. An account of his life and apprenticeship with Sheikh Daoud are being compiled for future publication. Hajj Haroon has also had the opportunity to have studied with Sheikh Fadhlalla Haeri, and has lived and served as interim Imam in the former Community of Bait al-Din in Blanco, Texas. He is currently a member of The Nuradeen Community, and serves on its Board of Advisors.

At present Mr. Haroon is busy further developing programs for the newly constructed Avicenna Library of The Islamic Education Center, Houston, Texas and finishing work on an extended project editing and proofreading an updated English version of Mir Ali/Agha Mahdi Puyahs translation and commentary of The Qur`an which is due for publication some time this year.