FRENCH RIOTS - collection of articles
Posted Nov 20, 2005


Big brothers Mediate in Paris Slums

Blaming Islam Is Dishonest

Burning Question of the French Riots

Chirac Admits Riots Exposed Inequality

Colonial Mentality Won’t Solve Crisis

Comparing the L.A. and Paris Riots

Crime, Empty Despair, Islam, and Riots


Disabled Woman Set On Fire By Rioters

Do Not Put Islamic Spin on French Riots Says Tariq Ramadan

Explosion in the Suburbs, Naima Bouteldja

Fatwas against Rioting

First Death Reported in Paris Riots

France Declares State of Emergency

France Hit By a Burning Rage

France Moving to Help Muslims Worship

France Orders Expulsion of Foreign Rioters

France: Riots Are Out of Control

Frances Racist Face

France to Impose Curfews

French Have Themselves to Blame, Rachid Tlemcani

French Fatwa Prohibits Rioting, Urges Calm, IslamOnline

French Intifida Alarms Europe

French Minister Says Polygamy to Blame for Riots

French Mosque Attacked

French Muslims Change Name to Get a “Chance”

French Police Use New Tactics

French Riots a Warning Says Sir Trevor Phillips

French Riots About Race, Not Religion

French Riots Claim First Victim

French Riots Represent Broader Issues

French Unrest Sends Shockwaves Across Europe

Go Home In the Name of Allah Order Imams With Megaphones

How Much More French Can I Be?

Meltdown in France

Muslims not Considered as Citizens

Muslim Rapper Gives Voice to French Ghettos

On Tenth Night Violence Worsens

Paris Burning: the Price of Social Injustice

Paris is burning: what’s religion got to do with it, Shahed Amanullah

Paris Is Burning: Religion Has a Lot To Do With It, Dr. Robert D. Crane

Peace March Set for Paris

Rebellion in Real Time

Religion Is Hardly a Factor

reports of Paris Riots Overblown

Riot Brings Back Curfew Laws of the Colonial Age

Riots Are a Wakeup Call For the World

The Riots in France: Reaction or Cry For Help, Moin Ansari

Semantic Attacks: The War of Words in France

The Sickness in France’s Heart, Catherine Field

The Week Paris Burned

Russian Mufti Says Riots Stem From Double Standards and Colonial Policy

We Hate France and France Hates Us

Why Integration in France Has Failed, Salam al Marayati

Why Is France Burning?, Doug Ireland

Why Paris Is Burning, Amer Tahiri

see also our special feature A Long History of Injustice Ignored where there are a number of articles on the background of some of the countries of origin of the French immigrants.

Of course, any tragedy brings out those who see this only as a problem with Islam and not a problem of humanity.  The following articles are listed in order to attempt to understand this mindset which is all too common.

Critical Mass for the Islamic Combustion of the West, Gail Winston

Eurabian Fights

Franco Intifida: Right Wing Wants Blood

I Love the Smell of Burning Illusions in the Morning, Frank Auster

Is Paris Burning, Peter Porcupine

Jihad in Europe, Robert Spencer

The Legacy of Algҩrie Franaise: France Algrienne

Paris Burning, Robert Spencer

Paris Burns Again, Let’s Roast Frankfurters, Fred Reed

The Republic of Paristan, Pete Fisher

Reflections on the Revolution in France, Daniel Pipes

Shall We Stand Up to Defend Our Culture

Shearing Time Again

Steve Sailer Modestly Proposes: Pay Muslims To Leave Europe

Websties Urge Muslims in Europe to Copy French Riots