Posted Jan 7, 2003

added Jan 6, 2004

- Afghan Massacre: Convoy of Death

Kunduz: America’s Srebenica


Armenian-Turkish Workshop on the Massacres of 1915, Ronald Suny & Fatma Gocek,

Michigan Hosts Armenian-Turkish Workshop


Genocide Debate Complicates Effort for Peace,


Bearing Witness

Genocide in Bosnia

U.S. Arms Embargo

Targeting of Bosnia’s Cultural Heritage

U.S. Slow to Confront Serbs, Michael Sells

Genocide of Bosnian Muslims,

A Genocide of Muslims: Bosnia and Beyond, Grace Halsell,

On the Latent Function of Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia, Keith Doubt,

Human Rights Archives on the Genocide in Bosnia,

U.S. Dept. of State Report on Human Rights Abuses


Sixty years of Genocide Against Muslims in Burma,

Muslim Minorities Attacked in Myanmar


Cambodian Genocide,

Cambodian Genocide,


Abuses Spread Beyond Chechnya

Chechnya and the Laws of War

Chechnya Briefing

Chechnya’s Secret Slaughter,,2763,1106704,00.html

Conditions in Chechnya and Ingushetia Degenerate

Evidence of War Crimes in Chechnya

Genocide in Chechnya,

International Community and Chechnya

Nine Civilians Extrajudicially Executed in Chechnya

On the situation of Chechens in Moscow

Russia Accused of War Crimes

Russia Is Committing War Crimes and Genocide

Russian Christians Exterminating Chechnyan Muslims

Russian Press slams Putin’s Chechnya Strategy

Soviet Deportation of Chechens to Siberia (1944)

U.N. Refuses to Condemn War Crimes in Chechnya

Undying Defense, Omer bin Abdullah,

War Crimes

War Crimes in Chechnya and the Response of the West

War Crimes in Chechnya

Who’s Afraid of Putin?


Massacre of Muslims in China,

China Cracks Down on Muslims,

Abuses Against Muslims Up


The Bombing of Civilians in WWII,


Reflections on the Coptic Question, Tarek Heggy,

Reciprocal Silence: Egypt’s Christians and America’s Muslims,


The Jewish Holocaust,

Gypsies in the Holocaust,

Non-Jewish Victims of the Holocaust,

Polish Victims of the Holocaust,

Afro-German Victims of the Holocaust,

Disabled Holocaust Victims,

Ukranian Victims of the Holocaust,


Why Americans Should Care About East Timor, Noam Chomsky,

East Timor Genocide,


Golden Temple Massacre of Sikhs,

Massacre in Gujarat,  AND

Remembering the Gujarat Massacre

Gujarat Two Years Later


Brother Against Brother, Sami Khan,

Massacre of Kurds at Halabja, [url=]

Rumsfield Backed Saddam Hussein Even After Chemical Attacks

Advice to America From Beyond the Grave, William Safire 

see also IRAQ WAR at  and for the POW Scadal, Use of Mercenaries and Use of Depleted Uranium see


Sikhs Murdered in Kashmir,

The Wests Balancing Act in Kashmir,


Genocide in Kosovo,


Human Rights Abuses in Nigeria

300 Nigerian Muslims Killed


Attack on Al Aqsa Mosque 1981
-Thirty Years Later, Still Under Threat

Baruch Goldstein & the Hebron Massacre

Deir Yassin Massacre,

EU Statement on Israeli Attacks In Gaza

Homes Destroyed, Death Toll Mounts, Where’s Kerry?

Jenin Massacre

Jewish Terror Cell Plot to Bomb Arab Hospital and Girls’ School

List of Massacres

No Israeli Soldiers Jailed Over Palestinian Deaths

Sabra & Shatila Massacres,  And

Massacres Against Palestinians,

Qibya and Sharon: 50 Years Later, Eric Ridenour

Israel to Keep Razing Gaza Houses

Israel Mounts Largest Offensive in Gaza in Years

Israel to Step Up Attacks On Gaza

22 Massacred As Israeli’s Fire on Demonstrators in Gaza

Homes Destroyed, Death Toll Mounts, Where’s Kerry?

IOF Snipers in Gaza 

Israel Accused of Whitewash of Palestinian Deaths

Israeli’s Probed for Targeting Arabs

Summary of Palestinian Deaths and Injuries

Violations of Human Rights By Israeli Authorities



Corregidor Massacre of Muslims,

Christians Massacred in Mollucas’ 

Ethnic Cleansing in Mindanao

Muslims Slaughtered in Mindanao,


Two Nuns Convicted of Collaborating with Genocide in Rwanda,

Bystanders to Genocide, Samantha Power,

Surviving Genocide, Rwandans Turn to Islam

U.S. and the Genocide in Rwanda

U.S. and the Genocide in Rwanda, Nat’l Security Archive

We Should All Weep and Feel Ashamed, Rwanda 10 Years Later


Genocide in Sierra Leone,


The Role of the Dutch Reformed Church in the Rise and Fall of Apartheid,


Big Powers Wary Over Sudan Crisis

Violations in Darfur May Constitute War Crimes

Never Again, Gregory Stanton

Racism Is Breeding Imminent Catastrophe

Sudan Crisis Grave

Sudan’s Crisis

Tragedy in Sudan

U.N. Says Sudan Crisis Worse

U.N. Warns of Sudan Crisisήion=5

World’s Hottest War


Armenian-Turkish Workshop on the Massacres of 1915, Ronald Suny & Fatma Gocek,

- Idi Amin


Genocide in Uzbekistan, 

Human Rights Record


Tiger Force: Buried Secrets, Brutal Truths


American Foreign Policy on Genocide

Deaths by Mass Unpleasantness: Estimated Totals for the Entire 20th Century

Looking Away, Stephen Holmes

Muslim Holocausts and Genocide Remembrance Day, M.A.T., 

The Changing Face of Genocide, Mark Levine,

Mass Crimes Against Humanity in the Last 50 Years,

see also Religious Extremism AND Minorities - Multiculturalism - Pluralism - Diversity,  AND Anti-Semitism - Islamophobia - Racism - Prejudice - Stereotyping