Pamela Geller Discovers Taxi Drivers Anti-Porn Jihad Plot to Impose Sharia
Posted Jul 25, 2011

Pamela Geller Discovers Taxi Drivers Anti-Porn Jihad Plot to Impose Sharia

by Sheila Musaji

Pamela Geller is incapable of hiding her utter contempt and hatred for Muslims.  She sees Muslim plots everywhere.  She would like to be seen as a truth-teller, a freedom fighter, a veritable caped crusader for apple pie and the American way, but her profound hatred just can’t be restrained.

The most recent example involves some cab drivers in New York City who are complaining about porn ads displayed on the top of their cabs.  They are uncomfortable with these ads

Geller posted an article titled Sharia coming to taxi cab ads in NYC? with the Lede In some ways it has already come. Last summer when we ran out honor killing taxitop ads in New York City, which directed people to, Robert Spencer saw one going by that had the “Leave” removed, so that it just read “” Well, we immediately bought that domain as well, but it was clear that the Muslim cab drivers in New York were not going to stand for un-Islamic ads. And now they’re getting even more aggressive. 

She then posts the article from a New York paper that set off her Muslim plot radar.  The article was simply titled Cab drivers want to just say no to strip club ads on their vehicles.  The article in the New York Post says that Racy strip-club ads plastered on top of yellow cabs are leaving modest drivers pink with embarrassment, saying they’re ashamed to face their kids and friends during their off time.

So, some cab drivers are objecting to being required to drive around with ads on top of their cab that they believe to be immoral.  The article then quotes a few individual cab drivers about their concerns.  The first quoted is an individual named Mohan Singh (this is an Indian, Sikh name), then Osman Chowdhury (a Muslim name), then an individual named Alseeny Sagno (no idea what nationality or religion this name might represent).

The article also says that At a Hess gas station on 10th Avenue and West 45th Street in Manhattan, many taxis were sporting erotic ads—and not one cabby was happy about it.

To summarize, many cabdrivers in New York City are upset about ads promoting strip clubs being displayed on public taxis.  Among those cabdrivers there was at least one Muslim who objects to these ads.  Therefore, we are faced with an imminent takeover of the United States, or at least New York City by Sharia Law.

Geller also adds her personal comments to the article, for example:  Multiple wives and temporary marriages for sex is [sic] honorable, but ads for strip clubs aren’t? Very interesting considering, as a commenter reminds us, Porn addiction is very prevalent in the Muslim community and Pakistan leads world [sic] in web searches for animal sex, rape pics, child sex.

At what point will those who give any credence to this woman’s mad claims realize that she is an Islamophobic bigot?



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