Consolidated Debunking of Israeli/Hasbara Propaganda - updated 8/9/14
Posted Aug 9, 2014

Consolidated Debunking of Israeli/Hasbara Propaganda

compiled by Sheila Musaji

I’m relatively certain that I’m not the only one who is sometimes frustrated by the inability to immediately locate a response that I remember seeing to a particular Israeli propaganda point.  I will attempt to collect these here by topic.  This is certainly not exhaustive, but I hope it is helpful, and it will be added to as time permits.  If you have categories or responses that should be added, please tweet them to me @SheilaMusaji

anti-Semitism & “Jew hatred” part of Muslim/Islamic beliefs & Palestinians are heirs of the Nazi’s

apartheid not practiced by Israel 

BDS movement is anti-Semitic

blood libel charge against criticism of Israel gov’t policies

“captured” soldier

ceasefire - Hamas wouldn’t accept ceasefire or broke ceasefire first

civilian deaths are not intended by Israel but Hamas aims to kill civilians 
Hamas responsible for civilian deaths - hides weapons in homes, mosques & schools
civilians are warned by Israel before attacks
Bombings of civilian sites: Israel blames Hamas for bombing of UNRWA school in Gaza
Hamas shouldn’t have weapons at all
The Dahiya Doctrine: targeting civilians

collective punishment

democracy - Israel only democracy in Middle East

greenhouses - Israel gave to Gaza & Hamas destroyed them

Hamas Charter calls for death to Israel
forget about Likud Charter 

Hamas started it

Hasbara not propaganda & not sponsored by Israel Gov’t—593101

Hate speech - Israel doesn’t engage in this, but Palestinians do

Human Shields are used by Hamas & Palestinians

Israel not like Palestinians - Israel condemns terrorists, Palestinians honor them

Jewish State: Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State 
Israel given the land by God for the Jews
Land on which Israel established had a Jewish majority, and they purchased rest of land

Jewish extremists don’t exist

Jews & Arabs have always been in conflict

Kidnapping of 3 Israeli Teens initiated the Gaza assault
Hannibal Directive

Occupation - Gaza not occupied - Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005

Palestine doesn’t exist - there are no Palestinians

Palestinians supported fascists and nazi’s

Rocket or missile attacks by Hamas caused Gaza assault as Israeli had to respond
Rockets or missiles being shot from UN schools

Self-Defense claims - Israel is only defending itself & responding to rocket attacks
Hamas started this war, not Israel
Israel had no alternative to war

Six day war started by Arabs

Settlements are not illegal

textbooks in Palestine demonize Jews & Israeli textbooks do not demonize Palestinians 


Two-State Solution:  Palestinians reject the two-state solution because they want to destroy Israel

U.S. is an honest broker