Usama Dakdok Speech Too Hateful For YouTube, But Not For Ohio High School
Posted Dec 20, 2012

Usama Dakdok Speech Too Hateful For YouTube, But Not For Ohio High School

by Sheila Musaji

Yesterday, CAIR issued a press release

CLEVELAND, Dec. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/—The Cleveland office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Ohio chapter (CAIR-Cleveland) today released a video highlighting anti-Muslim hate preached at a recent Tea Party event at a school in that state, which included claims that American Muslims “will kill your children” and that “we are in war with Islam.”  View the video:

At the December 10 event, titled “Infiltration of Islam in America?” and sponsored by the Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party, at Mansfield High School in Mansfield, Ohio, speaker Usama Dakdok called Islam a “wicked cult” and made hate-filled claims such as: (NOTE: Speaker’s linguistic errors retained.)

* “The day will come and Muslim in America will have the upper hand, and they will kill your children for not eating what is liked. For not eating the lawful foods.”

* “What happened to the women and the children? They were raped. By who? By Muhammad and his followers. And they got pregnant, and they had babies, and the baby was born by the name Fatima, and Khadija, and Obama, and Hussein, and Barack, and all those wonderful Muslim names.”

* “[W]ithout Allah they will die and for sure they would spend eternity in hell with Muhammad and with all previous Muslims, and Baptist, and Presbyterian, and Catholic, and everyone who’s think by going to some church will make it to heaven.”

* “Killing you is a small matter [for Muslims].”

* “We were not in war with Bin Ladin, we are in war with Islam.”

* “[T]hen you have a revival in America among the Muslim, and that’s when they start beheading your children and your grandchildren.”

* “So they say this month two and a half percent of the profit [American banks] made will go to Egypt. To help to get rid of illiteracy. What do they mean by illiteracy? They meant Christian. We are gonna kill some Christian. Or this month we are gonna get rid of some AIDS. What is AIDS? That is the Jews.”

CAIR-Cleveland had called on people of conscience to ask the Tea Party group to drop Dakdok from the December 10 program.  “Our nation’s schools should be havens from the kind of hatred spewed by Mr. Dakdok,” said CAIR-Cleveland Executive Director Julia Shearson. “We urge Ohio’s religious and political leaders to repudiate this and all other forms of bigotry being promoted by a vocal minority nationwide – bigotry which can and does lead to violence.”

...  A scheduled 2011 speech by Dakdok at the same school was cancelled by the Mansfield City School Board after complaints from the NAACP and CAIR, but the decision was challenged by a lawsuit brought on behalf of the Tea Party.  With legal fees mounting, the Mansfield School District recently settled the law suit and granted permission for the hate preacher to speak at the school.

Although the video of Usama Dakdok speaking at the high school was posted on YouTube yesterday, it has already been removed by YouTube because it violates their policy on hate speech.  It is too hateful to be seen on YouTube, but not too hateful to be heard by American high school students in Ohio. 

Dakdok’s Straight Way Ministries website says that he is engaged in “reaching out to the Muslim people with the word of Jesus Christ.”  Mainstream Christians should be disgusted by such extremists providing a “Christian” veneer to their anti-Muslim hatred.

Dakdok has obviously found a place among the Islamophobia network.  Bonni of Bare Naked Islam calls him “her hero” and says this speech at the high school was “honest”. 



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PHOTO:  From Newsreal Blog - Usama Dakdok with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.  (Why am I not surprised at this trio?)