7th Annual Humanitarian Day to Serve 25,000 Homeless in U.S. During Ramadan
Posted Sep 28, 2007


Muslims to Provide Comfort, Clothing, Health Services to Needy

LOS ANGELES, CA (September 28, 2007) - For the seventh consecutive year, Muslims observing the Holy Month of Ramadan all throughout the United States, will serve homeless and needy populations in 20 American cities and recently added two African cities. Organized by the ILM Foundation, Humanitarian Day brings together Muslim American volunteers to meet the needs of vulnerable populations, as a demonstration of their faith.

Ayub Salih Harun, Chairman of the Islamic Bureau for the Disabled of Ghana, made the announcement publicly at the press conference held in the capital city of Accra. Others present were Naim Shah Jr., Executive Director of ILM Foundation, and F.N. Chartey, CEO of Mammocare. In Africa, Humanitarian Day will take place in Ghana on September 29, and in Niamey, Niger on September 30, 2007.

Last year’s event helped serve over 18,000 homeless in 18 U.S. cities, distributing over a hundred thousand dollars worth of in-kind items in 14 cities across the United States. It is a day that reflects unity through diversity. It highlights Muslims from all ethnic backgrounds working together with non-Muslim partner organizations to serve food and other much-needed items during Ramadan “The Month of Giving”.

Organized under the umbrella of the Coalition to Protect Human Dignity, Los Angeles will host its 7th Annual Humanitarian Day collaborating with various organizations, communities and volunteers all gathering on Skid Row (5th and Towne Ave) from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and are expected to serve more than 1,500 homeless.

WHAT:      7th Annual ‘Humanitarian Day’ for the Homeless

WHEN:      Saturday and Sunday, September 29-30, 2007
WHERE:  In U.S.: Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Boston, Chicago, Dallas,
              Detroit, Elizabeth (NJ), Fort Thompson (SD), Houston,
              Kalamazoo (MI), Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New
              Orleans, New York City, Newark, Philadelphia, Phoenix,
              Seattle, Washington DC
              In Africa: Accra, Ghana & Niamey, Niger
MORE INFO AT http://www.humanitarianday.com 
“Serving the homeless and the needy is our duty as Muslims,” says Imam Saadiq Saafir, Founder of the ILM Foundation and Humanitarian Day. “We are not doing anyone any a favor, and do not desire any thanks. We pray God simply accepts our noble effort.”


Recipients in the U.S. can expect to receive a warm greeting, meals and a gift package consisting of hygiene and emergency kits, bath towels, clothing, blankets, ponchos, and toys for children. In addition, free of charge HIV/AIDS screenings, flu vaccinations, educational materials and referral information for additional services.

In Accra, Ghana Humanitarian Day will focus on providing over 300 free breast cancer screening for women in the very highly populated poverty stricken area of Accra. 

“Breast cancer is the most devastating silent killer of West Africa,” says F.N. Ghartey CEO of Mammocare. “It gets no press like HIV/AIDS or Malaria and often times when detected incurable.”