Zidane, Zinedine

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Zinedine Zidane was born June 23, 1972, in Marseille,France to a Algerian immigrant parents. Zidane got his start in football at an early age when he joined the US Saint-Henri club. He moved on to Septemes Sports Olympiques after the coach convinced the director of the club to sign him. After leaving Septemes at the age of 14, Zidane participated in the first year junior selection for the league championship, the same year he was discovered.

He was called in for 3 days at the sport regional centre in Aix-en-Provence, where Jean Varraud, Cannes’ recruiter, noticed the French/Algerian player. He ventured off to Cannes for what was intended to be a six-week stay but remained even longer. Playing with professionals at the age of 16, it would only be a matter of time when he too would turn pro, and he knew he was on his way to realizing his dreams.

Showing the determination of an athlete who wants to exceed expectations, Zidane had played his first game in First Division at the age of 17, and it was from then that football went from an ambition to a passion. The Cannes midfielder scored his first goal on February 8th, 1991 (he received a Clio as a promise from the Cannes President, who promised him a car when he scored his first goal as a professional), and his first season with the club was marked by a qualification for the UEFA Cup.

But his real breakthrough with ““Les Bleus”” came in the 1995/6 European Championship season. National coach Aimé Jacquet placed his trust in Zidane because the midfielder had the two qualities Jacquet most admired in a footballer: brilliant ball-control and outstanding work-rate.After a series of consistently brilliant performances for both club and country, Zidane was swamped with offers to join Europe’s top clubs in the spring of 1996. He eventually decided on a move to the Italian club Juventus during the close season.His first success with Juventus came when he lead his Italian club to UEFA Super Cup Championshion(1996), Intercontinental cup Championship,(1996).Next year and the coming years would prove even better for Zidane and his Club. Zidane lead his club to win Italian League(1997),SuperCup(1997),Italian League(1998). Zidane was now considered the best French Player in their international team.

The same year 1998, Football World Cup was held in France, French people’s exhilaration was at all time high not only that the world cup was being held in France but because French people were delighted to have a world class player in their team.

The World Cup kicked off with Zidane inform and was leading France to victory over Victory then came the shock for all Frenchmen when because of excellent performance by Zidane France reached the World Cup final. Then Came the moment when French society was changed forever the date was July 19th, 1998 It was the championship game of the coveted World Cup tournament hosted by France. France was to face Brazil, a soccer giant that ignites respect and fear in all opponents. Brazil had won the previous world cup, held in the US, and had to its name the most number of titles, four. On that historic day, France was at a standstill, as was much of the world. Hundreds of millions of people tuned in to watch the much anticipated game; the expectation was that Brazil would once again dominate the world soccer scene and emerge as winners. World Cameras focused on the confident frown of one familiar player as he enagaged in pre-game warm ups on the pitch, “If France has any hope tonight” said one commentator, “this man is it”. The man he spoke of and on which all eyes were focused was none other than Zinedine Zidane, already famous for his serene, graceful style of play, as well as his focus and determination. Zidane was looked to by all as France’s potential savior.
Zidane came through as all champions do when it matters most. He surprised spectators all over the world with not one, but two lethal headers into the Net in the first half that immediately put the team France 2-0 ahead of World Best Football Nation Brazil. Zidane’s general performance in the game indeed through the whole tournament, was inspirational and decisive. The game ended 3-0 after a last minute Emanuelle Petit goal. Not only had France won the world cup for the first time ever, but they had won it convincingly and in style. Their defensive and goal keeping record was the best ever of any world cup. The new comers had taught the Brazilian giants a lesson in football and launched a new era for French football. France was ecstatic, the nation was propelled into days and nights of wild, joyful celebrations, and at every point, no one forgot the man responsible, Zinedine Zidane. From that day on, Zidane never looked back as his star continued to shine ever-resplendent.

Zinedine Zidane was awarded “World Footballer of the Year” for the year 1998 due to his performance in the World Cup. He was also awarded the Golden Ball Award.He continued to blossom and win more Champion Ships for his club. He again became World Footballer of the year award in 2000. In 2001, Zizou(nickname of Zidane) became the most expensive player in football history when Real Madrid acquired him for 46 million pounds (roughly $66 million US Dollars).

With Real Madrid were he joined world’s top player including Ronaldo,Figo, and now recently David Bekham .Real Madrid won Spanish Supercup UEFA Champions League ( 2002), UEFA Super Cup (2002), Intercontinental cup(2002) and Spanish League (2003).And then agian in 2003 he has again been named as “Footballer of the year”.He retired from international cricket in 2004 but stll plays for his club real madrid and is considered to be Best football player currently Playing.

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