Zakaria, Fareed

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Fareed Zakaria
1965 - 

Journalist and writer.  Fareed Zakaria is an Indian born American, educated at Yale and Harvard, taught international relations and political philosophy at Harvard University, and was managing editor of the influential US journal, Foreign Affairs. He is now the editor of Newsweek International

Fareed Zakaria argues in his latest book: The Future of Freedom: Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad that in matured democracy of the world “liberty led to democracy, not the other way round.” He deplores that in much of world, “democracy predates liberty, and is not working.” He writes “democracy is now spreading at the expense of liberty by feeding ethnic hatreds, precipitating wars or undermining the institutions of libery.” He cites India as an example where forces are “undermining” democracy by “crooks, fanatics and the ruling party is a devastating example of failure.” Zakaria goes on to comment on America, the country of his residence, where democracy has “produced dysfunctional political system dominated by special interest groups, fund-raisers and lobbyists.”