You Can Change the World

Sheila Musaji

Posted Dec 9, 2008      •Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version
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You Can Change the World

by Sheila Musaji

There is a site called “What do you want to change the world” at .  there’s a movement of citizens inspired by the presidential campaign who are now submitting ideas for how they think the Obama Administration should change America.  Individuals can go to the site and leave their own ideas in various categories, or by signing up, you can vote for ideas that are already there in various categories.  There are ideas for change regarding many important topics including climate change, genocide conventions, ending the Gaza blockade, humanitarian relief, women’s rights, criminal justice, peace in the Middle East, immigration, fair trade, etc.

The top 10 ideas are going to be presented to the Obama Administration on Inauguration Day and will be supported by a national lobbying campaign run by, MySpace, and more than a dozen leading nonprofits after the Inauguration.  So each idea has a real chance at becoming policy.

You can read and vote for any idea that you find to be valuable.

This is a simple and brilliant idea, and I encourage all of our readers to visit the site, sign up, and vote for what they consider the best ideas.  The more people who get involved, the more impact this will have.