Yakupov, Saurja T.

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Saurjan T. Yakupov [saurjan@indiana.edu] the director of the Sharh va Tavsiya Sociology Center (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) in the meantime is a Fulbright visiting scholar 2004-2005 to Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Saurjan Yakupov is a graduate of Oriental Studies, Tashkent State University, 1978-1984, specializing in Arabic & Islamic Studies. He has worked as a translator (Arabic) in Yemen (1982-1983) and Libya (1985-1987). From 1987-1992 he was affiliated with the Institute of History (Uzbek Academy of Sciences), and from 1997 – 2000 he worked with the Ustoz Foundation in teacher professional development. As a social scientist at the Sharh va Tavsiya Sociology Center(1987-present) he studied matters of poverty, the impact of health reform in Uzbekistan, domestic violence against women in Central Asia. Saurjan Yakupov’s specialties and research interests include ethnic history issues of early medieval Central Asia, and methodology of historical writing in modern Uzbekistan. As a board member of the Central Asian Resource Center (CEU, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan, the National Soros Foundations’ joint initiative), he donates his time and efforts toward the development of common educational space in Central Asia.

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