Woods, Shaykh Adil Saleem

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Shaykh Adil Saleem Woods
Shaykh Adil was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he attended Sister Clara Muhammad School of Philadelphia, Olney High School, and the University of Delaware with a major in Economics. During this time he served as a Sunday school teacher at Masjid Ibrahim in Newark DE, President of the Muslim Students Association, and studied grammar and Quran with Shaykh Mahmood Abdel Rahman of Egypt. He then subsequently spent two years in Damascus Syria, where he attended Abu Nur Institute of Islamic studies and the Institute of Arabic language at the University of Damascus. During this period he memorized a fourth of the Quran with Shaykh Mahr of the University of Usul Din at Abi Nur. He then went to Hadramout Yemen for three years, where he specialized in the sciences of Fiqh, Usul, Grammar, and Hadith, receiving Ijaza (formal permission to teach from a shaykh) in each field, from shaykh such as Habib Omar bin Hafidh, Sayyid Muhammad al Ahdal, Sayyid Muhammad Ameen Al-Shanqiti, and others. He also spent three months in Morocco reviewing Quran with Sheik Idris of Dar al Quran in Fez.

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