Why do we support un-Democratic regimes?

Aziz Shihab

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Why do we support un-Democratic regimes?

By Aziz Shihab

Americans have big imaginations and the “experts” among them do a great deal of guessing. And, unfortunately, after more than twenty years working for U.S. newspaper, I find newspapers more misleading than leading. Lest anyone wonders why I am saying this, we invaded Iraq for the following reasons: Oil,  Israel and our strange egotistical thinking that we can turn the Middle East into a democratic free world. or change its multitudes of people to become just like us. If that is our goal, why do we support regimes that are neither democratic nor free?

Some explanation:

1. We are always hungry for oil and where can we satisfy our hunger other than from the Middle East?

2. Is it a secret that policicians, televangelists and pro. Israel Americans work to protect Israel sometime more than they work to protect America and,

3. Does the U.S. not know that its friends in the Middle East, only work to protect the leaders there and not the people?

Arab-Americans have a sacred duty to teach ordinary Americans and students what the facts are, We should not be afraid. We should challenge untruths and support the truth loudly.

For over fifty years now, Americans don’t know the true story of what happened, and is still happening in Palestine.

The press here knew the facts but kept them hidden all these years.

One thing is important, Arab-Americans need to unite in their efforts to teach, not criticize. Let us teach our fellow Americans the truth and the truth will set them free.

(Aziz Shihab is a an award winning journalist and author of the new memoir “Does the Land Remember?” Copyright Arab Writers Group, http://www.arabwritersgroup.com )