GOP talking points: slavery, extermination, deportation, execution

GOP talking points: slavery, extermination, deportation, execution

by Sheila Musaji

In the article The GOP has declared war on American Muslims I discussed the 2011 GOP debates and statements made by the candidates, and also some of the positions taken and statements made by members of the GOP previously. 

Since that article was written, we need to add the anti-Muslim witch hunt set off by Republican Reps. Michele Bachmann, Trent Franks, Louie Gohmert, Thomas Rooney and Lynn Westmoreland who sent letters to the inspectors general of five government agencies responsible for national security to demand they investigate infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood into the highest reaches of the federal government. In particular, Bachmann singled out Huma Abedin, the wife of former congressman Anthony Weiner and a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

And, the August statement of Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) who said at a Town Hall meeting that Muslims are “trying to kill Americans every week.  Islam is a threat in America, It’s a real threat…and it’s a threat that is much more at home now than it was right after 9/11.  It’s here, in the suburbs of Chicago.“It’s in Elk Grove, it’s in Addison, it’s in Elgin. It’s here.”   Is it completely coincidental that within days after this statement was made publicly, two mosques were attacked in his own state (one of them in his own district)?

And, now we have a whole series of strange statements by elected representatives and candidates for office in the State of Arkansas that are not only anti-Muslim, but also anti-immigrant and anti-African-American. 

Rep. Jon Hubbard of Jonesboro in a self published book titled “Letters To The Editor: Confessions Of A Frustrated Conservative” made some shocking statements:

“… the institution of slavery that the black race has long believed to be an abomination upon its people may actually have been a blessing in disguise. The blacks who could endure those conditions and circumstances would someday be rewarded with citizenship in the greatest nation ever established upon the face of the Earth.” (Pages 183-89)

African Americans must “understand that even while in the throes of slavery, their lives as Americans are likely much better than they ever would have enjoyed living in sub-Saharan Africa.  Knowing what we know today about life on the African continent, would an existence spent in slavery have been any crueler than a life spent in sub-Saharan Africa?” (Pages 93 and 189)

“… one of the stated purposes of school integration was to bring black students up to a level close to that of white students. But, to the great disappointment of everyone, the results of this theory worked exactly in reverse of its intended purpose, and instead of black students rising to the educational levels previously attained by white students, the white students dropped to the level of black students. To make matters worse the lack of discipline and ambition of black students soon became shared by their white classmates, and our educational system has been in a steady decline ever since.” (Page 27)

..the immigration issue, both legal and illegal… will lead to planned wars or extermination. Although now this seems to be barbaric and uncivilized, it will at some point become as necessary as eating and breathing.” (Page 9)

The last quote is absolutely beyond anything that should be acceptable for an elected representative of the people of the United States.  He is not only racist, but thinks that immigration might have to be “corrected” by extermination of both legal and illegal immigrants.

Republican legislative candidate, Charles Fuqua on his personal website said:

Q. Do I believe that the law of the U.S. is inconsistent with the principles stated in the Ten commandments?  A.  Abortion, failing to use the death penalty, Socialism, graduated income tax, and our entire economic system is in violation of God’s law.

Not content to say that our system of government is “in violation of God’s law”, Fuqua also wrote a book titled, “God’s Law: The Only Political Solution”, and the Arkansas Times has some quotes from the book:

We cannot continue to sustain the percentage of our population that is in prison. No prison term should be longer than two years. Prison should be unpleasant and rehabilitative. Anyone that cannot be rehabilitated in two years should be executed.

I see no solution to the Muslim problem short of expelling all followers of the religion from the United States.

Republican Rep. Loy Mauch of Arkansas called the Confederate flag a “symbol of Jesus Christ.” He demanded, unsuccessfully that Hot Springs remove a statute of Abraham Lincoln from its convention center, and he defended slavery.

As Omid Safi said in the article Republican Representatives: Slavery a “blessing” for African-Americans, kill the prisoners, and kick out the Muslim Americans:

... This ugliness, this hatred, this racism, this Islamophobia, has been a part of our history, and it still festers in the soul of America.

Yet, this is not all we are, and not all we are capable of being. There is a struggle for the very soul of America, and how we respond to these hateful voices will go a long way to determine the health and fate of our soul.

Dr. King once committed his mission to “save the soul of America.”  This was the mission of the SCLC, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

The human body suffers from diseases and ailments. So does the human soul, individually and collectively.  A worldview that leads one to close one’s eyes to the humanity of one’s fellow human beings is indeed a disease of the soul.

Something is rotten in the soul of America when hateful racists like these are elected to public office.  What is needed is not just kicking them out of office (though that is a necessary first step), it is also redeeming the soul.

The soul of America needs redeeming. It is up to us whether to rise to that challenge.  WE have to insist on a better America.

Regardless of your choice of political party, we have to insist that these types of voices and perspectives have but one place: in the dustbin of history.

As Brother Cornel West says: “Somethin’ Somethin’ just ain’t right” the soul of America.

The Huffington Post reports that Republicans are distancing themselves from Rep. Hubbard’s offensive slavery statement.  That’s nice, but it is not enough.  Is the “extermination of both legal and illegal immigrants” statement not offensive?

When individuals are elected to public office, they take an oath:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

It would seem that some of our elected representatives had their fingers crossed when taking this oath.

All of these folks really need to study the Constitution of the United States to remember that the Congress represents “we the people”, all of us, not just some particular segments of the population. 

African-Americans are part of “we the people”.  Legal immigrants are part of “we the people”.  American Muslims are a part of “we the people”.  We are Americans.  We are not going anywhere.  And, I believe that it is well past time that other Americans begin standing up against the demonization of Islam and Muslims, and of any minority group. 

It would be nice to know that this sort of bigotry is not shared by most of our fellow Americans.  And, it will require more than one or two statements by local GOP party representatives that they find some particular statement “offensive”.  A seated elected representative can be censured.  The party can publicly withdraw its’ support for a candidate who wants to “execute” prisoners who can’t be rehabilitated in two years, and expel all Muslims from this country.

[In every case, emphasis supplied]


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