Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Lennon of the EDL: Luton Fuhrer

Exposing the EDL

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Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Lennon of the EDL: Luton Fuhrer

by Exposing the EDL

It is far too easy, and misleading, to accuse someone of being a Nazi without quantifying that statement. So I’d like to quote a few comments by Hitler and contrast them with comments by Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. I’ve included videos of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon actually saying those words to prove that he actually said them. The full video of the Peterborough speech is included. If any EDL supporters wish to claim those words have been ‘taken out of context’ as they usually do when confronted with such damning evidence, either provide the ‘real’ context in which they were said, or shut up and stop making pathetic attempts at excuses.

”In the course of more than a thousand years the Jew had learned to master the language of his hosts so thoroughly that he considered he might now lay stress on his Jewish character and emphasize the ‘Germanism’ a bit more. Though it must have appeared ridiculous and absurd at first sight, he was impudent enough to call himself a ‘Teuton’, which in this case meant a German. In that way began one of the most infamous impositions that can be imagined. The Jew did not possess the slightest traces of the German character. He had only acquired the art of twisting the German language to his own uses, and that in a disgusting way, without having assimilated any other feature of the German character. Therefore his command of the language was the sole ground on which he could pretend to be a German.” - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

— “Within 18 months….within 18 months in this country the Home Secretary would’ve banned us from demonstrating. We would’ve been looked upon as scum! Within 18 months we are now recognised as a community.  We are recognised as the people of this nation. […] The point is Peterborough Police have up….Peterborough Police have uphailed [sic] our democracy. They have allowed our democracy. They have allowed us to march through this city. Which 18 months ago would not have been possible for the British people. […] We are the British public, we are the British people. For 15 years we have allowed 10% to dictate to 90%. No fucking more! We are the people of this nation.” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s Peterborough speech of 11th December 2010 (video)

— “But….the biggest point….the biggest point; the people who see Islam with its true face are British police. They are the people who witness it. I’ll be the first to accept that there has been a two-tier system against us and against our people. We need to win over the British police. We don’t need to attack the British police. What happened in London is disgusting! It is disgraceful! It’s disgraceful! True….true members of the British public will never attack the British police. The British police are here to uphold democracy. They are here to uphold the rule of law and within 18 months we are breaking taboos that have never been broken in this nation. The British police are finally accepting us as a community.” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s Peterborough speech of 11th December 2010 (video)

— “We stand for England, we stand for Winston Churchill. We stand for everything that is right in this country. We are demonised by the national media as scum. People are seeing through that demonisation. We are the true voice of England. We are the patriots.”  Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s Peterborough speech of 11th December 2010 (video)

— “As I said, Islam rules with fear, Islam is fucked because the British public….the British public….the British people of this country are no longer fearful!” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s Peterborough speech of 11th December 2010 (video)

From the statements above we can draw the following conclusions:

1. Hitler considered being German and being a Jew to be mutually exclusive.

2. Yaxley-Lennon considers being British (“our people”) and being a Muslim to be mutually exclusive.

3. That nationalism was at the centre of Hitler’s ideology, due to his continual references to “the nation” and “Germany”.

4. That nationalism is at the centre of Lennon’s ideology, due to his continual references to “the nation”, “the British people”, “the British public”, “British citizens” and “England”.

Some more comparisons, which show similar paranoid thought patterns.

—  ….every single Muslim watching this on YouTube: on 7/7 you got away with killing and maiming British citizens….  Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, speech at Aldgate, 3rd September 2011 (video)

— “The reason why we stand here today in front of the world’s media, in front of England’s media, is we want to let the whole of England know, we want to let the whole of the world know, when Islamic demographics rule your community, this is what comes with it! Aggression, oppression, violence, intimidation. Islam….Islam rules by intimidation and violence, and as I’ve said we are here today to tell you quite loud, quite clear, every single Muslim watching this on YouTube: on 7/7 you got away with killing and maiming British citizens, you got away with it. Next time you think about it you’d better understand that we have built a network from one end of this country to the other end. We will not tolerate it and the Islamic community will feel the full force of the English Defence League if we see any of our citizens killed, maimed or hurt on British soil ever again.” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, speech at Aldgate, 3rd September 2011 (video)

“Therefore it was not a solid national phalanx that, of itself and out of its own feeling of solidarity, rushed to the battlefields in August 1914. But it was rather the manifestation of the last flicker from the instinct of national self-preservation against the progress of the paralysis with which the pacifist and Marxist doctrine threatened our people. Even in those days when the destinies of the nation were in the balance the internal enemy was not recognised; therefore all efforts to resist the external enemy were bound to be in vain.”  - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

“This is our duty as members of the British fucking public….as patriots of this nation. As fathers to children this is our duty to protect our country. We have sons and daughters, bothers and sisters, suffering, dying, in far away fields to the forces of shariah.” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s Peterborough speech of 11th December 2010 (video)

“There are only two possibilities in Germany; do not imagine that the people will forever go with the middle party, the party of compromises; one day it will turn to those who have most consistently foretold the coming ruin and have sought to dissociate themselves from it. And that party is either the Left: and then God help us! for it will lead us to complete destruction - to Bolshevism, or else it is a party of the Right which at the last, when the people is in utter despair, when it has lost all its spirit and has no longer any faith in anything, is determined for its part ruthlessly to seize the reins of power - that is the beginning of resistance of which I spoke a few minutes ago.” - Adolf Hitler, speech of April 12th 1921

“We are disgusted with the behaviour of the so-called fucking students in London three fucking days ago! We support British police; we are your allies, we cause no harm to this nation. We support this country; we do not want to destroy this country. Our….our….our enemies and the people who counter-protest against us want to destroy this nation. The demonstrations in London have disgusted us all. We never want to see British police attacked by people of this country.”  Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s Peterborough speech of 11th December 2010 (video)

“In deliberately giving the revolutionary rising in Bavaria the character of an offensive against Prussia, Kurt Eisner was not acting in the slightest degree from the standpoint of Bavarian interests, but merely as the commissioned representative of Jewry. He exploited existing instincts and antipathies in Bavaria as a means which would help to make the dismemberment of Germany all the more easy. When once dismembered, the Reich would fall an easy prey to Bolshevism.” - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

“Danny Mercer….Come up here. These lads….these lads went to London yesterday. They showed the country what the English Defence League is about….Put your hand on that….They went voluntary to London to get rid of the graffiti put on our monuments. On our fucking monuments! By leftists. And the whole….the whole….the whole….the whole thing that it is, is students. It wasn’t students! It wasn’t students! It’s Unite Against Fascism! Communist….communist scum! Communist scum who hate everything about this country stands for! This country stands for freedom of speech and again….Oi! Oi! I will ask….I will ask everyone for two minutes….for two minutes. The attack on the Royal Family: we are not the Government’s people. We will never be the Government’s people. We are people of this Queen! Our Queen! Our Monarchy! Our Monarchy and now….Oi! And….Oi! And we make a direct appeal to the Queen of this nation: interfere; stop what is happening to this country! This country’s been taken into the Dark Ages by people who to destroy this country! We want to protect it, so the direct appeal is to the Royal Family. Intervene and stop what is happening to this nation.”  Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s Peterborough speech of 11th December 2010 (video)

From the statements above we can draw the following conclusions:

1. Hitler believed that Germany was fighting an external as well as an internal war against the Jews and Marxists.

2. Yaxley-Lennon believes that Britain is fighting an external as well as an internal war against Muslims and Marxists.

3. Hitler thought communism was out to destroy Germany.

4. Yaxley-Lennon thinks communism is out to destroy Britain.

Some further comparisons, which show that Yaxley-Lennon’s views of Muslims, are pretty much the same as Hitler’s views on Jews.

“For us, it is a problem of whether our nation can ever recover its health, whether the Jewish spirit can ever really be eradicated.  Don’t be misled into thinking you can fight a disease without killing the carrier, without destroying the bacillus.  Don’t think you can fight racial tuberculosis without taking care to rid the nation of the carrier of that racial tuberculosis.  This Jewish contamination will not subside, this poisoning of the nation will not end, until the carrier himself, the Jew, has been banished from our midst.” - Adolf Hitler in Salzburg, 7th or 8th August 1920. (NSDAP meeting)

“It has been left to us to educate the uneducated of this country to the difference between Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam. Islam is a disease….it is a disease. Winston Churchill once said, ‘Islam in a man is the same as rabies in a dog’. And that is a quote from the famous Winston Churchill.” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s Peterborough speech of 11th December 2010 (video)

From the statements above we can draw the following conclusions

1. Hitler thought Jews were a disease.

2. Yaxley-Lennon thinks Muslims are a disease.

And, then there are these very similar statements by both Hitler and Yaxley-Lennon

“Militant Islam and Islam’s days in this nation are numbered, because the people of this nation have woke up.”  Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s Peterborough speech of 11th December 2010 (video)

“The internal expurgation of the Jewish spirit is not possible in any platonic way.  For the Jewish spirit as the product of the Jewish person.  Unless we expel the Jewish people.  Unless we expel the Jewish people soon, they will have Judaised our people within a very short time.” - Adolf Hitler in Nuremberg, January 13th 1923

“Well…well the vision for this country 20….20 years down the line we’ll be overrun by Islam, because Mu….Muslims are breeding at 4.4 children. That’s what they’re having on average, we’re having 1.3. Now they keep saying ‘We’re a minority, we’re minority’, their communities are going to quadruple over the next 20 years. Now that wouldn’t be a problem if they were integrating. If they weren’t being taught hatred from the age of four against every single one of us in their madrassa schools, it wouldn’t be a problem. But it’s a ticking time bomb. Unless we wake middle England up now to realising what is coming to a town near you, in towns and cities like Luton where I live, it’s a m….it’s….it’s…it’s a disaster waiting to happen. So unless it stops and we wake people up, then there’s going to be civil unrest across this whole country. […] If I could pull the strings I’d deport any Muslim that doesn’t swear….swear allegiance to the….the Queen and country; anyone that tries to go against trying to undermine our democracy with sharia law. Get rid of all the sharia law c….sharia law courts, stop all Islamic immigration into this country and deal with terrorists and Muslim extremists the way they should be dealt with: deport ‘em.” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, TV interview on 12th December 2010

“The first Jews came into what was then called Germania during the period of the Roman invasion; and, as usual, they came as merchants. During the turmoil caused by the great migrations of the German tribes the Jews seem to have disappeared. We may therefore consider the period when the Germans formed the first political communities as the beginning of that process whereby Central and Northern Europe was again, and this time permanently, Judaised.” - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

“[W]e’re defending against the Islamification of our country. We’re defending against erm….erm….a lot of the Muslim population of this country using our democracy to end our democracy, which is what they’re doing….err….the way in…in…in….in which they vote….err….We’ve even seen Conservative candidates now changing their names to Islamic names when their votes are going out in the post to Muslim areas, because they know the Muslims will surely vote for other Muslims. Now that’s racism in itself.” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, radio interview on 27th January 2010

“Law on the slaughter of animals Of 21 April 1933 The Reich Government has enacted the following law, which is promulgated herewith:

§ 1 Warm-blooded animals must be stunned before slaughter at the start of blood withdrawal. The Minister of the Interior may determine that the provision of Section 1 and the slaughter of other animals is to be applied. As long as he makes no use of that power, the state governments or the bodies designated by them shall adopt such rules. This Act takes effect on 1 May 1933 in force. At the same time the announcement comes on the slaughter of animals of 2 June 1917 (Imperial 471) shall cease.” - law passed by Hitler banning kosher slaughter

“If only one country, for whatever reason, tolerates a Jewish family in it, that family will become the germ centre for fresh sedition. If one little Jewish boy survives without any Jewish education, with no synagogue and no Hebrew school, it [Judaism] is in his soul. Even if there had never been a synagogue or a Jewish school or an Old Testament, the Jewish spirit would still exist and exert its influence. It has been there from the beginning and there is no Jew, not a single one, who does not personify it.” - Adolf Hitler in a conversation with Croatian Foreign Minister General Kvaternik, July 21st 1941

“There are two national campaigns that we are ready to launch. We’ve been ready to launch for months, but all this other bullshit that’s been going on has took us away from it. But they’re ready to launch. We’ve got the ‘No More Halal’ campaign, which going to be targeting Asda. Okay. We’re going to be holding national demonstrations on the same day, every single division, we’ll hit 300 Asdas on one day. Standing outside Asda, handing outside halal [sic]….We’ve had all the leaflets made, we’ve had everything done. Halal campaign, anti-halal, the leaflets explaining what it is, what they’re selling, what they’re eating, yeah. It’s not labelled; they’re not telling us what it is. We’ll have every….every Asda will have individual little placards with not….erm….’Boycott Asda’ and we’ll target Asda. Because we know that other street markets are also selling halal food without labelling it, but we can’t target all of them. If we concentrate on one and we make one fall, which we will, then the rest’ll fall through. If we hit them in their pocket….Once we target on one Saturday and then we announce to every….to all them local towns ‘We’re going to be outside your local Asda the first Saturday of every month’, no-one’s going to go there. People ain’t going to go to that Asda on a Saturday. That’s when we affect them, when we hit them in the pocket. That’s what we’ll do; we’ll hit ‘em hard and they will bow down, they will realise that they can’t continue shoving halal food down our throats without telling us. We demand it’s labelled. So that’s one of the campaigns. The other campaign….this come about from the Essex Division basically. The Essex Division were collecting….erm….signatures, locally against the mosque in Dagenham. They collect [sic] about 2,000 signatures on one day.  Sat there and thought, ‘If one division can get 2,000 signatures and we’ve got, say, minimum of a hundred good, decent, active divisions, that’s 200,000 signatures in one day.’ Now….which….we….we all….we always need a focus and a point of what we’re doing. So rather than just doing these demonstrations, we’ll continue to as well, do demonstrations around the country, we’ll now do a ‘No More Mosques’, ‘No More Madrassas’….and we’ve got leaflets all done the same again explaining why. We’ve got just….justified reasons why we don’t want anymore mosques. And what we’re saying is ‘You can….they can b….b….b….begin building mosques again when this is sorted, that is sorted, all these different problems within Islam are sorted we’ll be happy for you. When your religion is the same as Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, then we’re happy. Build your houses of prayer. Until then we don’t want any more, because you’re adding to the problem, you’re adding to the disaster and it’s a nail in Britain’s coffin every one of these.’ So we’ll have ‘No More Mosques’ campaign where we go out into our city centres and then we’ll have a pro….err….we’ll have a….a position in every city centre on a certain Saturday in each month with a stall set up where we’re collecting signatures. And if one can get a hun….2,000 and we can get 200,000 on one Saturday, if we done that one Saturday a month, two Saturdays a month, by the end of the year, by the end of summer even, we’ll be marching on Downing Street handing in a million, 1.5 million, however many signatures, demanding a referendum. And what we’re gonna do, the same with the Asda campaign and the slit…and the signatures, we’ll keep them all separate. We’ll have somewhere where you can send them, we’ll tally them all up, so it’ll be like a tally league so people can compete against each other. So Newcastle have got 6,000 signatures….blah, blah, blah have got 10,000, everyone can compete and then we can sh….we can release the table on the website showing how many signatures we’ve got for each city against the mosques and against….and against the halal. And at the end of the year, maybe at the end….maybe before the end of the year, maybe after the end of the year, we’ll march on Downing Street demanding a referendum. We demand a vote. We….we don’t demand a yes-no bollocks vote on the voting system; we demand a vote on the building of mosques. No more mosques! We demand a vote on halal: we want it labelled. And if you look around other countries in Europe….err….the Swiss actually got this vote with only a hundred thousand signatures. Now they won’t be able to ignore millions of signatures demanding no more mosques. They won’t be able to ignore it, because at the minute Islam’s winning by throwing up so many obstacles. We whack one mosque down, there’s another ten pop up!  You can’t….we can’t compete with how many planning applications there are for mosques. We can’t keep picking ‘em individually; we have to pick ‘em nationally. No more mosques!  Nationally, no more halal. Which is what we’re planning to do.” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, video speech made in May 2011

From the statements above we can draw the following conclusions

1. Hitler thought the Jews must be ethnically cleansed from Germany.

2. Lennon thinks Muslims must be ethnically cleansed from Britain.

3. Hitler thought the Jews were “Judaising” Germany.

4. Yaxley-Lennon thinks Muslims are “Islamising” Britain.

5. Hitler was obviously in favour of destroying synagogues (e.g. Kristallnacht).

6. Yaxley-Lennon is in favour of banning the construction of mosques.

Both Hitler and Yaxley-Lennon’s paranoid beliefs involve global conspiracies in which the religion they’ve chosen as their enemy takes the form of a national and global power. Finally we can see that both Hitler’s and Yaxley-Lennon’s views on race, nation and the future of their race’s children are extremely similar.

”But we will get our way through peacefully protesting, because all this is….all this is about is waking up….waking up the British public to the serious threat we’re at. A lot of the British public don’t realise that by….within 30….err….30 or 40 years in this country we are a complete minority to Muslims now….because of the….erm….Muslim demographics. They’re having 8 children, we’re having 1.3. Our culture and our race will disappear in this country….erm…that which….that’s not a racist saying that, that is a fact, these are all facts. Now, what we’re saying is now if we’ve got such a problem in this country in towns and cities that we’re living in where we feel oppressed by Islam already, then can you imaging timesing that population by eight or ten? And then….and….and….and….and….and our whole government and all our councils being run by Muslim leaders? We’ll then become theoretically a state run by mullahs. And….and that’s what we d….don’t want and we won’t have and all….all that’s going to face that is a fierce opposition to it. All that will face sharia law being implemented in this country is a fierce opposition. And that is the inev…inevitable outcome and we don’t want to see that. The same way we don’t want to see trouble or violence or blood on the streets in this country, but people are going to have to wake up to….it’s inevitable.” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, radio interview on 27th January 2010

”We are writing our names in history to protect the future for generations of this nation.”  Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s Peterborough speech of 11th December 2010 (video)

“The Jews were responsible for bringing negroes into the Rhineland with the ultimate idea of bastardising the white race which they hate and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that the Jew might dominate.” - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

“And you want to tell us about Islam. We are more educated to tell anyone about Islam, ‘cause we’re living it, we’re breathing it, we’re fucking sleeping it man! Our children are living it and we are fighting for our children’s future.”  Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s Peterborough speech of 11th December 2010 (video)

“I’m English. I shouldn’t have to explain myself! I don’t give a shit! I’m proud of my parents’ heritage, I’m proud of their country; I’ve got no problem with that.  I haven’t got no problem with Ireland or any other country. I’ve got a problem with Islam and militant Islam. That’s where my problem is. […] Because my motives are one thing: saving this country from the cesspit that is Islam. That’s what I wanna do. Sa…protecting a safe future for my children, for your children, for the whole country’s children. ” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, video speech made in May 2011

”Do not forget that the international Jew who completely dominates Russia today regards Germany, not as an ally, but as a state destined to the same fate.” - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

”Islam….Islam rules this country with fear. Islam rules this country with fear. Look around you: do you see any scared fucking faces? No I fucking don’t! I see faces ready and fucking waiting, ready and waiting for whatever Islam wants to throw at us!” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s Peterborough speech of 11th December 2010 (video)

”The Jew’s domination in the state seems so assured that now not only can he call himself a Jew again, but he ruthlessly admits his ultimate national and political designs.”  - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

”So why are none of the major three parties talking about it? Because….it’s the same again is….they’re too scared to oppose the wider Islamic community. And the reason why they are too scared to do it is because they….they have all their….their agreements in regards to bloc voting, bloc Muslim voting. And they….and that’s why the Muslims, although they are a small percentage in this country, or everyone says they are….erm….they have such a power when it comes to politically [sic].” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, radio interview on 27th January 2010

”We are leading the fight in the world….the whole world is looking to us. Every organisation in Europe, in America, they are looking to the British public to deal with militant fucking Islam!” - Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, speech at Peterborough on 11th December 2010

“The struggle for world domination will be fought entirely between us, between Germans and Jews.  All else is facade and illusion. Behind England stands Israel, and behind France, and behind the United States.  Even when we have driven the Jew out of Germany, he remains our world enemy.” - Rauschning, Hitler Speaks, p. 234

”We….we….we as members of the English Defence League; every single one of you are on the forefront of the war to defend our country. […] We will lead England in the world’s fight against militant fucking Islam!” - Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, speech at Peterborough on 11th December 2010

”What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the Fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfilment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe.” - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

”This is….this is every single member of the British public’s duty to stand up and protect the future for our children. For our nation.” - Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, speech at Peterborough on 11th December 2010

“The Jewish youth lies in wait for hours on end….spying on the unsuspicious German girl he plans to seduce….he wants to contaminate her blood and remove her from the bosom of her own people. The Jew hates the white race and wants to lower its cultural level so that the Jews might dominate.” - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

“This is our country, our country! When you read about them girls that have been systematically raped, whose sisters do you think they are? Whose daughters do you think they are? They are our daughters, they are our sisters, they are our people of Blackburn, our people of Darwen and we are here to voice your concerns, to make sure your voices are heard like never before. Jack Straw*….Jack Straw described our girls, he’s a wanker, he described our girls as being used as ‘white meat’. Well I’m sorry Jack Straw you was our Home Secretary for 20 bloody years [sic] why did you not say it when you was Home Secretary? What did you do with the letters from our mothers, from our families? When our families wrote to you as their local MP, what did you do Jack? You didn’t do nothing, you bowed to the Islamic vote! You bowed to the Islamic vote!” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, speech at Blackburn on 2nd April 2011

*Jack Straw is of Jewish ancestry, so Lennon’s accusation that he was either ignoring or colluding in white girls being violated by non-white men is fairly consistent with what Hitler said about Jews bringing blacks into the Rhineland for the purposes of destroying the white race. Lennon could be ignorant of Straw’s ancestry (he ignorantly thinks Straw was the Home Secretary for 20 years!), but who knows?

From those above statements we can draw the following conclusions

1. That Hitler believed that the Jews dominated the state politically.

2. Yaxley-Lennon believes that Muslims dominate the state politically.

3. Hitler believed Germany was involved in a global war against the Jews.

4. Yaxley-Lennon believes Britain is involved in a global war against Muslims.

5. Hitler saw “the Jew” as a global and monolithic enemy.

6. Yaxley-Lennon sees “Islam” as a global and monolithic enemy.

7. Hitler thought that the Germans must fight to safeguard their race, their children and Germany (obviously from people like the Jews).

8. Yaxley-Lennon thinks that the British must fight to safeguard their race, their children and Britain from Muslims.

9. Hitler believed that Jews were deliberately trying to breed the white race out of existence.

10. Yaxley-Lennon believes that Muslims are deliberately trying to breed the white race out of existence.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon doesn’t believe Muslims are a part of the British nation, he doesn’t believe they are British citizens, he believes that Islam is a threat to Britain, he believes that Britain is fighting a war against Islam both within and without its borders, he wants mosques banned until Islam has been changed to his liking, and he believes that the EDL is leading a global fight against Islam. Does anyone wish to hazard a guess as to what Stephen Yaxley-Lennon would do to Muslims or political opponents if he was ever in power?

Yaxley-Lennon not only uses “militant Islam” and “Islam” interchangeably, but he also says that both will be destroyed in this country as the British people (who apparently don’t include Muslims) have woken up to the ‘threat’. Even the madrassa schools he so hates in actual fact aren’t all hotbeds of Islamic extremism and in fact a lot of them aren’t even religious. The term has gained negative connotations since 9/11 due to the American Right, from whom Yaxley-Lennon and the EDL get most of their their ideology.

But what does Yaxley-Lennon mean by “Islam”? Well, when he’s been brought to task about his use of the word “Islam” or “Muslims” in TV interviews, he’s always back-tracked and said he meant “militant Islam” or “militant Muslims”. Obviously that’s not the case as in the above examples he speaks of both militant Islam and Islam as separate things and expresses hatred of both of them. Surely it’s not only militant Muslims that are having so many children and threatening to breed “our race” out of existence, or only militant Muslims who worship in mosques that Yaxley-Lennon wants banned? That would mean that he uses “militant Islam” and “Islam” to mean separate things, but by the sounds of it doesn’t distinguish between them or which it is he’s opposing; almost as if it doesn’t matter to him. In his Peterborough speech he said the following:

“[W]e are not here for trouble. We are not here to smash up your city. We are not here to cause violence. We are here….we are here for the people of Peterborough. In 2002 a member of this community….In 2002 a member of this community when he was with his girlfriend was murdered. He was stabbed to death in front of his missus and whilst they killed him they shouted ‘Bin Laden’. They shouted ‘Bin fucking Laden’! And we….and we….we are told….we are told there is no problem with militant Islam: ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. Islam has never been a religion of peace! It never will be a religion of peace!  It never fucking will!”

Apparently then, Peterborough’s Muslims are not part of the Peterborough communitym and as you can tell he uses “militant Islam” and “Islam” interchangeably. But by “Islam” does he actually mean Islam in any form? After all he did say, “We are the British public, we are the British people. For 15 years we have allowed 10% to dictate to 90%”, and 10% would be roughly the ENTIRE ethnic minority population of the UK, not just Muslims. He also said this:

”The black community and the white community in Birmingham are treated with iron fists. The Islamic community are treated with kid gloves and that’s just the way it is and it’s not on. You can’t have a two tier policing system, there can be no Master Race and I’m sorry but it….there is a Master Race in certain areas of this country and it’s Islam.” Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, radio interview on 22nd October 2011

The black community, the white community and….the “Islamic community”?  Now, Birmingham’s population could VERY roughly be divided into black, white and South Asian ethnicities, ignoring national and religious differences. Assuming a black Muslim from Nigeria is part of the same community as a black Rastafarian from Jamaica, or a white Eastern Orthodox Christian from the Ukraine is part of the same community as a white Reform Jew from Ireland is stretching the boundaries of reason an awful lot! Using Yaxley-Lennon’s reasoning, or lack of it, all people of South Asian descent all come under the heading “Islamic community”, which considering that he calls them a “Master Race” also reinforces that he’s not talking about a religion here. After all if he was talking about a religion and the so-called “Islamic community” was separate entirely from the so-called black and white communities, where would that leave Muslims like Muhammad Ali or Cat Stevens, who despite appearances to the contrary are neither black nor white because they are Muslims! Also how can a religion breed a race out of existence, like Yaxley-Lennon claimed Islam would do with whites, when whites can also be Muslims? That suggests that in some cases “Muslim” is code for “Asian”. And yet it seems also that the meaning of “Muslim” changes depending on his audience. For example in his Peterborough speech he declared:

”The biggest community I wish to thank are the Indian commu….the Indian community of this country. The Sikhs and the Hindus of this nation. Shake your fucking hands man! They….they are more….they are the most British….If ever….if ever there is an example of integration, it is the Sikh and Hindu community [sic] These people wear our badge of pride. 88,000 of them died in the world war. It has been left to us to educate the uneducated of this country to the difference between Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam. Islam is a disease….it is a disease. Winston Churchill once said, ‘Islam in a man is the same as rabies in a dog’. And that is a quote from the famous Winston Churchill.”

Considering that he seems to believe India consists entirely of Hindus and Sikhs (what about Buddhists, Jains, Christians and Muslims?), and that the Hindus and Sikhs constitute a single community, he obviously knows nothing about Hinduism, Sikhism or the history of India, and therefore is in no position to educate anyone about those things. Indeed his attempt at “educating” people about the difference between Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam was to explain that the only apparent difference is that Islam is a disease. Like any politician, albeit a very inept one, he says what he thinks he wants his audience to hear. In this case the most prominent Sikh in the EDL (and almost the only one), Guramit Singh, was present and actually gave a very nasty anti-Muslim speech that got him in trouble. So it would make sense for Yaxley-Lennon to praise Sikhs and any other non-Muslim South Asian people to make it appear as if he wasn’t being racist against all people of South Asian extraction. The above statement was a fairly random throwaway remark (see the full recording of the speech above), preceded by more praise for the police (he kept saying how wonderful the local police are and how they are allies of the EDL) and followed by this:

”Luton is a multicultural town. Being English is not about being white. It’s nothing to do with being white! Being English is what you do for your country. If you’re born here you are English. So we thank….we thank every single non-white member of the English Defence League for setting an example.”

Why he even mentioned Luton when he was in Peterborough is anyone’s guess! This comes from the man who earlier that same year declared:

“A lot of the British public don’t realise that by….within 30….err….30 or 40 years in this country we are a complete minority to Muslims now….because of the….erm….Muslim demographics. They’re having 8 children, we’re having 1.3. Our culture and our race will disappear in this country….erm…that which….that’s not a racist saying that, that is a fact, these are all facts.”

As well as:

“Well…well the vision for this country 20….20 years down the line we’ll be overrun by Islam, because Mu….Muslims are breeding at 4.4 children. That’s what they’re having on average, we’re having 1.3. Now they keep saying ‘We’re a minority, we’re minority’, their communities are going to quadruple over the next 20 years.”

So in one case he was expressing his fear that the white race and white culture would be bred out of existence in this country, yet in another instance he’s saying how being born in England makes you English, not being white, and states that Luton is multicultural. The only difference being that one was a radio interview on a local station and the other was a public speech surrounded by police and with a prominent non-white member of the EDL standing right next to him. Not that he’s even consistent when it comes to how many children Muslims are having anyway: is it 8 children each or 4.4? Also how can a community quadruple 20 years if the average birth rate is slightly more than four, i.e. 4.4 for every woman? Do Muslim girls all give birth aged ten or are Muslim men having four children each too? Even the 1.3 figure he gives for “we”, presumably white British people, is incorrect as the latest figures are about 1.7. For the record the Muslims with the highest birth rates are Bangladeshis and Pakistanis with about 3 each; a figure that is declining towards the national average of 1.9. Countries like Poland and Slovenia have 1.3 births per woman.

It’s interesting that Yaxley-Lennon can’t distinguish between demanding a referendum on the building of mosques and labelling of halal products, and demanding no more mosques be built and no more halal food (which would include milk, bread and water!) should be sold. He either wants a public vote on them being banned or he wants them banned without a public vote. He can’t demand a referendum which might after all go against him. The Swiss actually banned the construction of minarets, not mosques, of which Switzerland has a grand total of four. A minaret is not the same as a mosque, no more than Christians worship in spires. Incidentally, despite Yaxley-Lennon saying how wonderful Peterborough Police were and how no member of the EDL would attack them, 11 EDL members were arrested for violence (and no anti-fascists, who apparently are the ones who are violent and out to destroy this country).

Additionally Churchill’s book The River War (1899) contains the following passage:  ”How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.”

That was what Yaxley-Lennon was referencing, only he lacks Churchill’s vocabulary and was unable to quote it exactly. That was written by a 24 year old Churchill about the fanatical followers of the Mahdi in the Sudan, the Dervishes, and he was stating that it was their fanaticism, that he attributed to Islam, being as dangerous as rabies. He was not saying Islam is a disease in itself; although he goes on to say that he thinks Islam could bring on the collapse of Western civilisation. It’s highly likely that all of Churchill’s encounters with Muslims up till this point had all been as enemies in colonial wars. What would someone who’d never met any Christians before say if their first encounter was the Lord’s Resistance Army or some American fundamentalists?

However Churchill was very scathing about British barbarity in the same book, including General Kitchener’s theft of the Mahdi’s skull from his tomb:  ”….there are many people in England, and perhaps elsewhere, who seem to be unable to contemplate military operations for clear political objects, unless they can cajole themselves into the belief that their enemy are utterly and hopelessly vile. To this end the Dervishes, from the Mahdi and the Khalifa downwards, have been loaded with every variety of abuse and charged with all conceivable crimes. This may be very comforting to philanthropic persons at home; but when an army in the field becomes imbued with the idea that the enemy are vermin who cumber the earth, instances of barbarity may easily be the outcome. This unmeasured condemnation is moreover as unjust as it is dangerous and unnecessary… We are told that the British and Egyptian armies entered Omdurman to free the people from the Khalifa’s yoke. Never were rescuers more unwelcome.”

Oops, I guess Yaxley-Lennon didn’t read that part! What Churchill was in fact doing was warning against dehumanising people, because it leads to atrocities. That’s something the EDL do all the time. No doubt Yaxley-Lennon is not aware either that as an old man on October 24th 1940, in recognition of the substantial Muslim population of the British Empire and its support for the Allies during the war, Churchill and his War Cabinet allocated £100,000 for acquisition of a site for a mosque in London. A major difference between the attitude of the 24 year old Churchill and the 65 year old Churchill. The site chosen was a 2.3-acre spot in a prime location next to Regent’s Park, which is the Central London Mosque. That was at the darkest point for Britain in World War II and Churchill was giving orders that a mosque should be built for all the Muslims fighting and dying for the Empire. Remember this?

”They….they are more….they are the most British….If ever….if ever there is an example of integration, it is the Sikh and Hindu community [sic] These people wear our badge of pride. 88,000 of them died in the world war.”

Which world war? There were two in case he’d forgotten and Indians fought on our side in both. Of the 1.3 million Indians who constituted the volunteer force during the First World War, approximately 400,000 were Muslims. During the war 74,187 Indian soldiers were killed and an estimated 33% to 50% of these war-dead were Muslims. In the Second World War the Indian Army went from 200,000 in 1939 to 2.5 million by 1945, the largest volunteer army in history, with Muslims making up about 30-40% of the numbers at any one time, even though they were only about 22-25% of the Indian population. 87,000 Indian servicemen were killed, so we can assume that roughly 30-40% of those were Muslims. So much for the entirety of Indian Army deaths in WWII being Hindus and Sikhs: we can only assume that Yaxley-Lennon believes that there are no Muslims in India. Maybe he thinks they all live in Pakistan and that Pakistan existed during the world wars as a non-combatant nation? I’ll leave this as the last word against Yaxley-Lennon’s ridiculous and frankly slanderous claim that Muslims are not only have not integrated into British society, but that no Indian Muslim fought for Britain during the world wars.

”All of the Muslims of the Division had their prayers together and the assembly was close to our regiment. We, as far as possible, gave them food and tea. About 1,500 men assembled and prayers were offered for the victory of our King.” -  Abdul Ali Khan, British Indian Army, France 1917


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