Resources for Responses to Islamophobia and Allegations Against Islam and Muslims

compiled by Sheila Musaji

updated 1-28-2007


... Allegations against Maher Arar, and 2

... Allegations against Dr. Bassem Hussein

... Allegatiions against syed Maswood

... Allegations against 2 New York Muslim Teenage Girls

... Allegations against 6 Imams removed from airline flight and 2 Flying While Muslim

... Allegations against Muslim man shot by police in Forrest Gate terror raid in London

... Allegations against Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

... Allegation that Iran would require non-Muslims to wear badges and 2 and 3  and 4

... Allegation that ‘Middle Eastern’ Arabs and/or Muslims were dancing and celebrating in New Jersey after 9/11 attack (they were actually Israeli’s)

... Allegations about French riots and Muslims

... Allegations against Sami Hamoudeh and 2 and 3

... Allegations against Bosnian Muslim Sefer Halilovic regarding war crimes

... Allegations against Brandon Mayfield

... Allegations against airman Ahmed al-Halabi

... Allegations against Capt. James Yee, and 2

... Allegations against Salman Hamdani

... Allegations against Muslim charity Interpal

... Allegations against Help the Needy charity

... Allegations against Syrian musicians on Northwest Airlines flight

... Allegations in Lodi terrorism case

... Allegations against Chinese Muslims held at Guantanamo

... Allegation that British bank recalled piggy banks due to Muslim complaints

... Allegations that New Jersey Coptic family was killed by Muslims

... Allegations against 3 men in ‘cell-phone’ terror case, and 2, and 3

... Allegations against 2 Muslim brothers in London terrorism case

... Allegations about 7 Miami men plotting to blow up Sears Tower

... Allegations against webmaster Sami al-Hussayen

... Allegations of genocide in Darfur

... Allegations about slavery in Sudan

... Allegations against 25 American Muslim organizations “Undoing a Character Assassination” (Shahed Amanullah) and 2, and 3 Muslim groups cleared, and 4 Muslim charities cleared

... Allegations of terrorism against British Muslim convert Sulayman Zain-ul-abidin (cleared)

... Allegation that Muslims started the train fire that set off the Gujarat riots in India

... Allegations by Bernard Lewis that Iran would use nuclear weapons on August 22nd, and 2, and 3 that Islam is an obstacle to democracy in the Middle East

... Allegations against Sami Al Arian, and 2

... Anti-Islam polemics  (Dr. Habib Siddiqui)

... Article by Raymond Ibrahim “Islam Gets Concessions” (David Shasha)

... Article by Joseph Kaufman regarding the dismissal of Sami al-Arian (Yusuf Smith)

... Article “Secrets of Islam” in U.S. News and World Report (Hasan Zillur Rahim)

... Article  by James Arlandson attacking Dr. Habib Sidiqui’s speech “Islam and coexistence”  (Dr. Habib Sidiqui)

... Article “Identifying Muslim Moderates” by Daniel Pipes, and Article “Identifying Muslim Moderates” and Religion Building (Sheila Musaji) and 2 (Louay Safi), and
3 to Daniel Pipes attack on The American Muslim logo (Sheila Musaji) and 4 (Jeremy Henzell-Thomas), and 5 collection of articles on religion building

... Article by Daniel Pipes attacking Khaled Abou El Fadl

... Article “The Future Belongs to Islam” by Mark Steyn

... Article by Robert Macnamara “Apocalypse Soon” (Dr. Robert D. Crane)

... Article “Giving the Hatemongers No Place to Hide” by Thomas Friedman, “The Dumbest Story Ever Written” (John Chuckman)

... Articles by Ibn Warraq (Jeremiah McAuliffe)

... Article by Robert Spencer attacking Mark Levine’s ‘hudna’ article (Mark Levine)

... Article by Frank Gaffney attacking ISNA

... Article by Umbreen Shah “ISNA Thugs” (Sheila Musaji)

... Article by J. Grant Swank calling for internment camps for Muslims (Sheila Musaji

... Article “Three Myths About Islam” (James Zogby)

... Article “Nine Danger Signs of Militant Islam” by Jamie Glazov (Sheila Musaji)

... Article by Paul Akers “Why Islam Didn’t Conquer the World” (Sheila Musaji)

... Article by David Kaplan, “Hearts, Minds, and Money,” about religion building and effort to change the face of Islam (Sheila Musaji)

... Article Muslim Timeline for World Rule (Sheila Musaji)

... Article by Dennis Prager “Five Questions” (Hussam Ayloush) and 2 (Maher Hathout) and 3 (Juan Cole)

... Article in response to writer’s claim that Islam is not a religion of peace (Abiya Ahmed)

... Article “The U.S. Government and the CSID” on the Campus Watch site (Svend White)

... Article “In the Beginning There Were the Holy Books” Newsweek article on the Qur’an by Kenneth Woodward (G.F. Haddad)

... Article comparing Iraq and Vietnam wars (Robert D. Crane)

... Article “Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace”

... Book Nine Parts of Desire by Geraldine Brooks

... Book “Islam and Terrorism” by Mark Gabriel (Jeff Siddiqui)

... Book Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail (John Sutherland)

... book Iraq: The Next Move Ancient Prophecy and Modern-Day Conspiracy Collide by Michael Evans in which an American Christian Fundamentalist leader calls for global war.

... Book Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington by Paul Sperry (Akram Khan)

... cartoon controversy A Muslim Response (Ibrahim Hooper)

... Claim that Muslims don’t speak up against extremism and terrorism “Selective Hearing of Muslim Voices” 5 parts (Sheila Musaji)

... Claim that Islam is a scary religion

... Claim that Prophet Muhammad ordered the killing of of Abu ‘Afak and Asma’ bint Marwan (Hesham Azmy)

... Claim that the Qur’an ‘borrowed’ from the Bible

... Claim that Islam allows ‘honor’ killings

... Claim that Islam is “the green peril”

... claim that Muslims are promoting Islam in the Public Schools (Sheila Musaji)

... Claim that a Clash of Civilizations is Unavoidable - collection of articles

... Claim that Taliban treatment of women is Islamic

... Claim that Islam allows suicide bombings

... Claim that Islam was spread by the sword (see also Misrepresentation of Qur’an 9:5)

... Claim that Islam allows slavery

... Claim that Islam calls for the murder of ‘infidels’ (Hesham Hassaballa)

... Claims about Ayeshas age at marriage (Abdur Rahman Squires), and 2

... Claim that American Muslims are not part of this society

... Claim by Dr. Robert Morey that the Qur’an is not Divine Revelation

... Claim that there is such a thing as ‘religious’ terrorism (Sheila Musaji)

...  Claim that killing an apostate is required by Islamic Law and 2

... Claim that Muslims worship a ‘moon god’ and 2 and 3

... Claim that American Muslims are a ‘fifth column’ (Habib Siddiqui)

... Claim that the reduction in Palestinian Christian population is due to Muslim persecution.

... Claim that Muslims cannot have non-Muslims as friends.

... Claim that Muslims are not interested in dialogue, and 2 Akbar S. ahmed, and 3 Imam feisal Abdul Rauf, and 4 Tarek Mitri, and 5 Riffat Hassan, and 6 article collection

... Claim that Muslims don’t have a sense of humor

... Claim that all terrorists and religious extremists are Muslims,
2 article collection, 3 Hindu terrorists in Sri Lanka, and 4 (Hesham Hassaballa), and 5 God’s Army, Christian terrorists in Burma, and 6 National Liberation Front of Tripura, Christian terrorists. and 7 Christian Terrorists Kill 44, Wound 118 in Attacks in Northeast India, and 8 Vermont man tries to kill Muslim family to protect U.S., and 9 “The other kind of terror” (David Neiwert), and 10 Demetrius Crocker bomb plot, and 11 hate crimes charges filed against 5 Jewish teens in NY, and 12 religious hate seen as motive in murder of California Muslim woman, and 13 white extremists use terror videos to threaten British Muslims, 14 Buddhist extremists attack Christian childrens home in Sri Lanka, and 15 Hindu extremists attack jailed Christian, 16 Jewish extremists celebrate King David Hotel Bombing anniversary, and 17 Yesha Rabbis call for extermination of the enemy, and 18 Christian Zionism: Terror in Jesus Name (Yoginder Sikand), and 19 Serbia to be first nation charged with genocide in massacres of Muslims, and 20 The Troubles in Northern Ireland, and 21 Rwandan genocide, and 22 and 23 Christian terrorism, and 24 Timothy McVeigh, and 25 Jewish Defense League, and 26 Buford Furow, and 27 James Charles Kopp, and 28 Christian Identity Movement, and 29 Eric Rudolph, and 30 Army of God, and 31 Clayton Waagner, and 32 Rev. Michael Bray, and 33 Stephen John Jordi, and 34 Rev. David Trosch, and 35 zionist terrorists, and 36 Aum Shinrikyo, and 37 Nagaland rebels, and 38 Kach and Kahane Chai, and 39 Gush Emunim underground, and 40 Babar Khalsa, and 41 Khalistan Zindabad Force, and 42 Dal Khalsa, and 43 KKK. and 44 Irish National Liberation Army, and 45 Ulster Volunteer Force, and 46 Red Hand Commandos, and 47 Ulster Freedom Fighters, and 48 IRA, and 49 Orange Volunteers, and 50 ETA Basque group, and 51 FLQ Quebec Liberation Front, and 52 Boricua Popular Movement Puerto Rico, and 53 FLNC Corsica and France, and 54 Chukaka ha, Japan, and 55 Anti Fascist Resistance Group Spain, and 56 Haruo Wako, Japanese, and 57 Yu Kikumura, Japanese, and 58 New People’s Army Philippines, and 59 Peoples War Group, India, and 60 Red Brigades, and 61 Shining Path, Peru, and 62 Army for the Liberation of Rwanda, and 63 Aryan Nations, and 64 Boeremag, South Africa, and 65 Combat 18, Great Britain, and 66 Creativity Movement, U.S., and 66 National Socialist Movement, Great Britain, and 67 Tonton Macoute, Haiti, and 68 Mungiki, Kenya, and 69 Interahamne, Rwanda, and 70 Revolutionary United Front, Sierra Leone, and 71 William Klar, and 72 Jewish Settler Terror Groups, 73 Radical Domestic organizations in the U.S. -

There will be a detailed article collection on this topic online shortly as there are hundreds of examples of organizations and individual terrorist acts commited by other than Muslims

... claim by MEMRI that Muslims were upset about new Apple store in New York being shaped like the Kaaba

... Claim that female circumcision is an Islamic custom

... Claim that Muslims worship Muhammad

... Claim that Allah and God are not the same (Shahul Hameed) and 2 (Dr. Umar Farouq Abd Allah)

... Claim that there are grammar mistakes in the Qur’an

... Claim that there are internal contradictions in the Qur’an

... Claim that Muslim women cannot be leaders

... Claim that Muslims destroyed the Library at Alexandria and 2

... Claim that Qur’an refers to Jews as apes and pigs (see also misrepresentation of Qur’an 5:60) (Aziz Poonwalla)

... Claim that the Taliban destruction of Buddha statues was ‘Islamic’ (Haroon Siddiqui)

... Claim that the Black Stone is an idol

... claim that Islam is responsible for backwardness in many Muslim countries today

... Claim that Muslims are responsible for ‘war on Christmas’ (Shahed Amanullah)

... Claim that Muslims are taking over Europe - The Eurabia Myth (Ralph Peters) and (2)

... Claim by M15 about majority of UK Muslims supporting 7/7 bombings

... Claim that Islamic Fundamentalism is the greatest danger to world peace (Enver Masud)

... Claim that evil is central to Islam

... Claims about abrogation (Naskh) in the Qur’an (Khaleel Mohammed) and 2 (Jeffrey Lang)

... Docmentary Undercover Mosque, (Sheila Musaji)

... Email ‘Good Muslims Can’t Be Good Americans’ (Dr. Bahar Bastani), and 2 “Can Muslims be Good Americans?” (Abdulaziz Sachedina)

... Email from Brigitte Gabriel

... Email from Rev. Mathes of Mission Gate Prison Ministries

... Email “You Worry Me” email hoax

... Extremism Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism - Part I - Fatwas

... Extremism Muslim Voices Against Extremism & Terrorism - Part II - Statements by Organizations

... Extremism Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism - Part III - Statements & Articles by Individuals

... Extremism Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism - Part IV A few Quotes

... Extremism Muslim Voices Against Extremism and Terrorism - Part V The Muslim Majority

... Extremism Muslim challenge and Islamic response (Robert D. Crane)  [url= Extremism: the Ultimate Oxymoron[/url] (Dr. Robert D. Crane)

... Film “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War With the West” (Sheila Musaji) and 2 and 3

... Incident UCLA taser incident

... Incident of Saudi Royals destroying home ofMuhammad (Tarek Fatah)

... Incident Wachovia Bank account closures of Muslim account holders

... Incident Joel Hinrichs suicide bombing at University of Oklahoma (Cathy Young)

... Incident U.S. Army searches for terrorists at ‘Women in Islam’ Conference

... Incident Tariq Ramadan Visa Denial, and 2

... Internet site with heading “Kill All Muslim Kids”

... Islamophobia (James Brooks)

... Misconceptions about Islam (Ibrahim Kalin) 4 part series

... Misrepresentation of Islam “Myths About Islam” (Asghar Ali Engineer)

... Misrepresentation of Lebanon bombing in news photograph (Jonathan Cooke)

... Misrepresentation of Islamic inheritance laws

... Misrepresentation of various verses if the Qur’an - “The Use and Abuse of Scriptures” (Sheila Musaji)

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 2:65 and 7:163-166: What “Pigs And Monkeys”? (Hesham Hassaballa)

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 2:190-194

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 2:191 and 2 (Muzammil Siddiqi)

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 2:216

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 2:224 and 4:76

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 4:34, and 2 (Edip Yuksel) and 3 and 4

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 4:76 and 2:224

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 4:89

... Misrepresentations of Qur’an 4:95

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 5:33

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 5:51 and 9:5 (David Dakake) and 2 (Mohammad Fadel)

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 5:54 and 48:29

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 5:60-64 - Is There Anti-Semitism in The Qur’an? (Muzammil Siddiqi)

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 7:163-166 and 2:65: What “Pigs And Monkeys”? (Hesham Hassaballa)

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 8:12 (Hesham Hassaballa) and 2

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 8:55 (Shila Musaji)

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 9:5 and 5:51 (David Dakake) and 2 and 3

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 9:29

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 18:86

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 33:23

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 47:4

... Misrepresentation of Qur’an 48:29 and 5:54

... Misrepresentation of the incident with the Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayza, and 2 Prophet Muhammad’s Treaty with the Jews, and 3 Muhammad and the Jews of Medina (PBS)

... Misrepresentation of term ‘Jihad’ (Antony T. Sullivan), 2 Jihad and the Crusades, 3 Jihad and Just War,

... Objection to assignment by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill of the book “Approaching the Qur’an: The Early Revelations,” by Michael Sells (Michael Sells)

... Objections to Dubai Ports deal

... Objectioins to Eid stamp (Sheila Musaji)

... Objections to call for a moratorium on hudood punishments (Tariq Ramadan)

... Objection by Dennis Prager to Keith Ellison’s Use of Qur’an for Swearing In (Rabbi Dr. Barry Leff) and 2 ...  3 to Keith Ellison’s Use of Qur’an for Swearing In - M. Osman Siddique, the first Muslim ambassador in U.S. history, was sworn in on a Koran in 1999, when he became U.S. Ambassador to the Fiji Islands. (Eric Kleefeld) and 4 objections by by Rep. Virgil Goode and 5 CAIR and 6 about Michael Savage’s comments on this issue, and 7 Sen Hannity’s comments on this issue.

... Objection by AJC to Maher Hathout’s appointment to the L.A. County Human Relations Commission, and 2 to Steve Emerson’s comments about Maher Hathout

... Qur’an Interpretation Extremist interpretations of the Qur’an “On Reading the Qur’an - and Misreading It” (Khaled Abou El Fadl)

... Qur’an Interpretation Towards Multiple Understandings of the Qur’an (Asghar Ali Engineer)

... Qur’an translation Hilali-Khan translation (Sheila Musaji)

... Qur’an translation On the New Revised Edition of Yusuf Ali’s Qur’an Translation (Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad)

... Qur’an translation Playing into the Hands of the Extremists? - Hilali-Khan Qur’an Translation (Robert D. Crane)

... Report by Freedom House on Saudi Publications (CAIR) and 2 (Junaid Afeef)

... Report by RAND on terrorism (Yoginder Sikand) 

... Report by RAND Corp suggesting exploiting Sunni-Shia divide (Abdus Sattar Ghazali)

... Speech by Dick Cheney about 9/11 “Tarzan Foreign Policy, We Good, You Bad” (Ivan Eland)

... Speech by George Bush to American Enterprise Institute “Blood Money” (William Rivers Pitt) includes lengthy discussion of PNAC

... Speech by Dr. Hatem Bazian on COINTELPRO (Abdus Sattar Ghazali)

... Speech by George Bush on the War on Terror, “Dark and Garbled Words (John Chuckman)

... Statement by Glenn Beck - razor wire (Scott Richard Lyons)

... Statement by Hugh Fitzgerald on banning Muslim immigration

... Statements by Robert Spencer about the Roxbury Mosque controversy

... Statement by Robert Spencer that he is not a racist

... Statement by Robert Spencer on Muslim feminism (Khaleel Mohammed)

... Statement by Glenn Beck questioning Keith Ellison’s loyalty - It’s religious bigotry (Scott D. Pierce)

... Statement by President bush “Islamic Fascism” and 2 and 3 and 4 Demonizing terminology and 5 (Jason Margolis), 6 Christianity’s role in the rise of the Nazis

... Statement by Pope about Islam (MPAC-Muslim Public Affairs Council), and response by Muslims to Pope’s second apology

... Statement by Cal Thomas “Any religion that justifies the killing of innocent civilians, especially children, is a religion of Satan, not God. Such a twisted religion deserves not just condemnation but isolation.” (Dr. Hesham Hassaballa)

... Statement by Jerry Falwell that Muhammad was a terrorist (Juan Cole)

... Statement by Stephen Schwartz attacking Hamza Yusuf

... Statement by Rev. Clippard, Southern Baptist Convention (Scott Stearman) and 2 and 3

... Statements by Dr. Wafa Sultan (Hesham Hassaballa)

... Statements dehumanizing American Muslims (Tariq Nelson) and Islamophobia 2 (Siraj Islam Mufti) and 2 (Karen Armstrong) and 3 (Sheila Musaji) and 4 (Ralph Peters) and 4 Islamophobia in the media, and 2 and 3 Hollywood has a lot to answer for, and 4 Reel Bad Arabs (Jack Shaheen), and 5 A Battle of Mirages (Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad), and 6 100 years of anti-Muslim and anti-Arab stereotyping (Mazen Qumsiyeh), and 7 a collection of articles about media

... Statements in Pennsylvania church flier about Islam

... Statements by Rev. Hagee attacking Jews and Muslims

... Statements about Muslims being an extremist threat to America (Shahed Amanullah) and House Intelligence Report making the same claim



Part I Fatwas

Part II Statements by Organizations

Part III Statements and Articles by Individuals

Part IV A Few Quotes

Part V The Muslim Majority Who Don’t Get Publicity

Selective Hearing of Muslim Voices Against Extremism

Resources for Responses to Islamophobia and Allegations Against Islam and Muslims

Claim That All Terrorists are Muslims Ignores History