The True American Narrative and Mission

Anisa Abd El Fattah

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The True American Narrative and Mission

An article that appeared in the American Conservative magazine by Michael Vlahos called “The Fall of Modernity,”  suggests that the US is loosing the war on terrorism, a war that is now admittedly a war against Islam. The author suggests in the article that we are loosing this war because our national narrative, our American story, failed us as a moral guide. He says that this lack of a moral compass turned us into the very evil that we had sworn to destroy.

Vlahos plants the assumption in his article that the neo-conservative narrative is the American narrative. It is clear by his description of the so-called American narrative, that indeed the author decided that the Zionist drivel and lies force fed to the American people over the past century,and most recently by Zionists cloaked as neo-conservatives, is in fact our national narrative. It is not

Neo-conservatism is not the American narrative, it is in fact derived from the Trotsky-ite faction of Soviet Communism, as neo-conservatives would admit themselves. The older neo-conservatives such as Norman Podhoretz and Irving Kristol were “red diaper babies,” born into families that believed in a messianic mission to spread Communism globally, starting with teh Soviet Union. Now they have re-branded the same messianic madness from “Soviet Communism” for “American Democracy” but the results are the same. Just as Soviet Communism was a great tragedy for the Slavic peoples, so the rebranded neo-conservative messianic ideology of “spreading American Democracy” is a tragedy for Americans, as evidenced by the the unnecessary and inexplicable deaths of our children in Iraq, the waste and abuse of US taxpayer money in the trillions of dollars, and the fact that the US, once one of the world’s most beloved, and charitable nations, is now one of the world’s most cruel and hated.

The ideas and actions that led us into this unenviable situation did not result from any real understanding of America’s moral mission as described by the great men and women of American history, most notably the revolutionaries and abolitionists, represented by the likes of our first President George Washington who urged Americans to “avoid foreign entanglements”, and abolitionists such as Sojourner Truth, and Frederick Douglas. Neither do our Declaration of Independence or Constitution attest to the neo-con world view. The late 18th century was a rough and bloody world, but they saw fit to explicitly outlaw torture as “cruel and unusual punishment,” EVEN IN THE CONDUCT OF WAR.

Our failure has resulted from doublespeak utilized by neo-conservatives, whereby the virtuous ideals and language of American liberation and revolution were used to explain immoral Zionist schemes to carry out criminal wars against humanity and peace, and to justify inhumane acts such as torture, motivated by the vanity and lusts of armchair generals. It is the result of the actions of a cowardly Congress that was bribed into silence and that adopted fake religious zealotry and fanaticism as its cause for everything accept humanness, honesty,peace and truthfulness. A Congress that rather than protect our Constitution, sought upon every opportunity to undermine it, and who made their country a pawn. What American could mistaken this as a mission borne of our history, and religious and political culture, which is a culture crafted by puritans,revolutionaries and abolitionists?

We have been deceived, and just as Adam and Eve were forced out of the garden for their disobedience to God resulting from Satan’s deceptive lies, so too the US is losing its stature as one of the world’s modern paradises, and for the same reasons. The author of the article is right in this respect. We have lost the war on terrorism because it is not our moral mission to destroy other faiths and cultures. It is not our moral mission to torture people, to starve innocents, demolish their homes, kill and massacre people and assist others in doing so to help them steal land they have no moral, or legal right to. We starved more than 500,000 Iraqi children to death prior to 9/11, claiming that it was to overthrow one man, our former ally Saddam Hussein, and then Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright infamously admitted, “It was worth it.” Did we think that God would reward us for that because they were not Jewish, or Christian, or because they were Arabs? We gave Israel money and weapons to kill unarmed refugees, innocent women and children, and to tear down their homes because these people dared to fight back for their survival against a cruel and inhumane and illegal occupation. We called them terrorists, and passed laws to justify killing them through wars, and deprivation of medical care and food, and hope, and now that we feel we have broken them, we are eager to begin negotiations with them. We claim intolerance for racism, while we are complicit in the murder of millions of Arabs and other brown people, who are being killed. We say they want to destroy us because they hate who we are, and our way of life, when the exact opposite is true.

The United States, by most accounts is a primarily Christian country in character and not a Judeo/Christian country. This Christian character does not result from our Christian practices, which are now sadly non-apparent. The US Christian character is a by product of the moral concepts that guided our sensitivities and thereby the promulgation of a civil and positivist law, that while not religious, incorporates to a great degree the moral concepts and teachings of the Bible. The new testament of the Bible is the true American narrative, yet like most things that are non-Jewish, the New testament has been abandoned by the Church because Jews complained that it is “anti-Semitic.” To remedy this problem, there are now renditions of the Holy Scriptures suggesting that Judas was a gnostic operating according to a secret suicidal pact with Jesus, wherein Jesus would be killed, and raised into heaven, and Judas rewarded for the role he played as traitor, with a promise that his people would rule the world. Any familiar themes apparent here?

The lie, that the US is a “Judeo/Christian” country, is a lie that was cooked up to present the Jewish law, or rather the Talmud as a legitimate authority in the US, to be imposed here,and subsequently upon the entire world, as a reward to the people of Judas for his great treason, recast as a great sacrifice. The pseudo Christians who have promoted this lie, say that Christian Gentiles are actually “New Jews” who are bound by the Old Covenant, as well as the New Covenant through Jesus. The Old Covenant was based upon sacrifice as atonement for sin, while the New Testament says that it is by God’s Grace that mankind is saved. They explain the crucifixion of Jesus as an act of suicide, wherein the Jews and Romans were passive participants, catapulted into their roles by Jesus’ stubborn insistence to preach the word of God, disobeying the Jews who had cautioned Jesus to stop violating their laws, and criticising their leaders for their sins, and transgressions and hypocrisy. Now the media trys to convince us that the Christian Zionist church is guiding America. They want us to believe that in fact the Zionist narrative is the American narrative. It is not, and Christian Zionists are not guiding America, they are following the Jewish Zionist neo-conservatives, who are destroying America.

The Biblical narrative is a powerful story of God’s mercy, and God’s love for all of humanity as taught by Jesus. It is a narrative that suggests to us that the moral American mission is to convey the good news of God’s promise of forgiveness of sins, prosperity in this life, and eternal life in His presence for those who refuse to worship the world, and instead worship the God who created it. America, one of the richest, most powerful nations in the world, was to feed the world, and cure its diseases. We were to inspire and uplift the world, and lead, not bully and dominate and dictate to the world. We were to be just, and stand for justice, and not be blind, but seeing right from wrong. That is the meaning of being guided from darkness to light. Justice cannot be blind and be just! We were to build, not destroy, and we were to love and not hate. We were to be peacemakers, and not warmongers, murderers of innocents, and torturers. We were not to undermine God’s righteous order by empowering the evil and wicked, and tormenting and persecuting the truth tellers, and the people of faith, the poor, and the weak. Instead of undertaking America’s moral mission, we undertook the mission of Satan. We joined his synagogue and became devils, and as a result God has forsaken us, and caused us to be humiliated, and defeated. The Talmud is not the American narrative, and the neo-conservatives are not the prophets of this or any other era.

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge,God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not right; being filled with all unrighteousness,fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder,debate,deceit,malignity;whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, spiteful, proud, boasters,inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable and unmerciful, who knowing the judgement of God, and that they who commit such things are worthy of punishment, not only do the same, but have pleasure in those who do such such acts. Therefore, thou art inexcusable, Oh man, whosoever thou art that judges, for wherein thou judges another, thou condemns thyself, for thou that stands as judge is doing the same crime. Tribulation and anguish upon every soul of man that does evil, of the Jew first, and also the Gentile…for there is no respect of person with God” (Romans 1:24-32, and 2:1-29).

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