The Titans are Coming to Save the Titanic

Dr. Robert D. Crane

Posted Mar 27, 2006      •Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version
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The Titans are Coming to Save the Titanic,
in sha’a Allah!

by Dr. Robert Dickson Crane

Madeleine Albright’s article in the Los Angeles Times, “Good Versus Evil Isn’t a Strategy”, is a must read.

  President Clinton’s brilliant and long-time Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, an ultimate bi-partisan insider from the bi-partisan Kissingeresque majority, has joined the vanguard in marshaling the shock troops by advising on Iran: “The administration must stop playing solitaire while Middle East and Persian Gulf leaders play poker.” 

  No president has ever survived in open opposition to the foreign policy establishment.  President Johnson simply surrendered and quit his job.  Nixon played ball with them by hiring their guru extraordinaire, Henry Kissinger, to run his foreign policy, only to self-destruct by domestic stupidities.  President Carter was appointed by them (by the head-hunter Zbigniew Brzezinski, later head of the NSC) but was summarily dumped because he was too good and naively decent.  President Reagan survived because he was good and had a wife who was clever as a fox.  The elder Bush was a useful tool, smart enough to do what he was told, but not charismatic enough to be re-elected in competition with Clinton.  Bush Junior may be dumped because he is naively bad, vicious as a wolverine, and just as suicidal because he considers poker to be immoral. 

  Bush and his Neo-Con handlers are out of their depth.  They have entered a global gambling casino where the croupies give new-comers a long leash for awhile but call the last hand.  The Bushies may think they have hijacked the entire casino in Washington, but no-one can challenge the foreign policy syndicate behind it and survive for long.  The titans never sleep.  They may bide their time, but in the present crisis they must emerge from the depths to save the Titanic before it hits the Iranian iceberg.

  The tragedy is that “peace through love, compassion, and justice” never won a hand in black-jack.