American Muslims and Scholars denounce Terrorism

Statement from the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy
Signed by organizations, scholars and concerned Muslims

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Washington, DC (September 9, 2002)  Several prominent American Muslims, organizations, and scholars issued the following statement denouncing violence and terrorism, especially in the name of Islam, a religion of peace and justice. 

The statement was issued on the eve of the first anniversary of the tragedy of Sept. 11, and has been signed by 199 prominent American Muslims, and scholars of Islam from all over the world.


As American Muslims and scholars of Islam, we wish to restate our conviction that peace and justice constitute the basic principles of the Muslim faith.  We wish again to state unequivocally that neither the al-Qaeda organization nor Usama bin Laden represents Islam or reflects Muslim beliefs and practice. Rather, groups like al-Qaeda have misused and abused Islam in order to fit their own radical and indeed anti-Islamic agenda.  Usama bin Laden and al-Qaeda’s actions are criminal, misguided and counter to the true teachings of Islam.  We call on people of all faiths not to judge Islam by the actions of a few.

We believe in justice and peace for both Israelis and Palestinians. We are convinced that security for Israel can only be achieved by justice for Palestinians.  Today, a modicum of justice requires the establishment of an independent Palestinian state through the exercise of Palestinian self-determination.  We believe that the continued occupation of Palestinian territories, and Israel’s repeated disregard of international law, have made life in the occupied territories unbearable.  We say most clearly, however, that the killing of innocent civilians, whether Christian, Muslim, or Jewish, is always wrong and is forbidden in Islamic law and ethics.  Illegitimate means can never be justified by a desirable or noble goal.

On this first anniversary of the tragedy of September 11, we call on all people of conscience to denounce violence and to work peacefully for the creation of a better world.  We also urge our government leaders to work for peace, justice, liberty, and democracy around the globe.


Name Affiliation/Institution*

CSID Board Members (12):

Radwan Masmoudi Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy (CSID)

Abdulwahab Alkebsi Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy (CSID)

Louay Safi Center for Balanced Development

Muqtedar Khan           Adrian College

Jamal Barzinji International Institute for Islamic Thought

Abdulaziz Sachedina University of Virginia

Louis J. Cantori University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Charles E. Butterworth University of Maryland

John L. Esposito Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding,
Georgetown University

Tamara Sonn College of Williams and Mary

Antony T. Sullivan Fund for American Studies

Svend A. White Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy (CSID)

Islamic Organizations and Mosques (45):

Muzammil H. Siddiqi Islamic Society of Orange County, California

Imam Talal Eid Islamic Center of New England, Quincy, MA

Kevin James Islamic Soc. of Fire-Fighting Dept., Brooklyn, NY

Sheila Musaji Editor, The American Muslim

Shahed Amanullah United Muslims of America, Fremont, CA

Aasma Khan Muslims AGAINST Terrorism

Moina Noor American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism,
Bay Area, CA

Aslam Abdullah Editor, The Minaret and The Muslim Observer

Mahjabeen Islam, M.D. United Muslim Association of Toledo

Ali A. Aatz Islamic Association of Greater Hartford

Omar Bouderdaben North Austin Muslim Community Center

Kamal Yassin Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis

Muhammad Sannah Islamic Society of W. Maryland

Kamal Abu-Shamsieh Muslim Public Affairs Council, Los Angeles, CA

Mohamed Nimer Council on American-Islamic Relations

Rashid Makhdoom American Muslim Council

Siraj I. Mufti CSID, Tucson, AZ

A.S. Hashim, MD Islamic Education Center, Potomac, MD

Mirza Moin Baig Houston Mosque, TX

Kamal L. Abdul-Khalik Muslim Students Association

Hasan Mohamed Islamic Center of Irving

H. Anjim Khan al-Huda School/

Ismail Abdul Alim al-Fajr Masjid

Abeda Haque Muslim Community Center of MD

Sulayman Abdul-Mussawer Masjid an-Nur, Boston, MA

Samira Hussein Muslims of Montgomery County

Abdul Rahman Rasheed Masjid al-Islam, CT

Mariam Kazemi Islamic Relief, Los Angeles, CA

Quarashia al-Shehab Dar-ul-Islah, NJ

Akber Mohammed Masjid al-Madina, OH

Imam Zaid Shakir Masjid al-Islam

Shoukat Ali Islamic Society of Central Jersey, Princeton, NJ

Khursheed Mallick Islamic Medical Association of North America,
Downers Grove, IL

Riad Adhami American Center for Civilizational and Intercultural Studies

Inayat I. Lalani American Muslim Council ז Dallas Fort Worth Chapter

Abdul Aziz Eddebbarh Muslim Public Affairs Council, Las Vegas, NV

Sayed Qazi Muslim Public Affairs Council, Las Vegas, NV

Atif Fareed Muslim Public Affairs Council, Las Vegas, NV

Muhammad Sayeed Islamic Circle of North America, New York

Ramzieh Azmeh Islamic Society of North America

S. Arif Rizvi Islamic Medical Association of North America

Ahsan Siddiq Islamic Society of North America

Syed Ahmed Islamic Society of North America

Mariyam Imran Islamic Society of North America

Khalid Chatta Muslim Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh/
Islamic Society of North America


Academics (44):

Mohammed Abu-Nimer American University

Khaled Abou El Fadl UCLA School of Law, Los Angeles, CA

Asma Afsaruddin University of Notre Dame

Ahmad Sheikhzadeh Political scientist, New York City, NY

Hibba Abugideiri George Washington University

Kamran A. Bokhari The University of Texas at Austin,

John P. Entelis Fordham University, New York

John O. Voll Georgetown University

Mohammed Sharif University of Rhode Island

Mahmoud Sadri Texas Woman’s University

M. Mobin Shorish Prof. Emeritus, Urbana, Il

Adila Masood Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University

Engin I. Erdem Department of Politics, University of Virginia

Syed Nasar University of Kentucky

Fred Dallmayr University of Notre Dame.

Jillian Schwedler University of Maryland

David Burrell University of Notre Dame

Robert Olson University of Kentucky

Daniel Micallef University of Texas in Austin

Ikbal Akhtar Tulane University

Michael Toler SUNY Binghamton

Wanda Krause University of Exeter

Gasser Auda Islamic American University

Val Moghadam Director, Women’s Studies, Illinois State University

Amir Hussain California State University, Northridge

Rima Pavalko University of Maryland

Mahdi Alosh Arabic Language Program, Ohio State University

Gunes Murat Tezcur University of Michigan

Ali R. Abootalebi University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Ibrahim Kalin College of the Holy Cross

Mohamed Nur-Awaleh Illinois State University

Mahmoud Al-Batal Emory University

Waheed Samy University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Abdul H. Raoof State University College at Buffalo

Edward L. Angus Prof. Emeritus, Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO

Jon Mandaville Portland State University

Zaineb Istrabadi Indiana University

Catherine Asher University of Minnesota

Zayn Kassam Pomona College

Sharon L. Parker University of Arizona

Mahdi Alosh Ohio State University

Fauzi M. Najjar Prof. Emeritus Michigan State University

Eiman Hajabbasi George Mason University

Sajida S. Alvi McGill University, Canada


From Around the Globe (32):

Tariq Ramadan University of Fribourg

Suleman Dangor University of Durban-Westville, Durban, South Africa

Najah Kadhim International Forum for Islamic Dialogue, London

Fatma Bostan Unsal Justice and Development (AK) Party, Turkey

Shaikh Kabir Helminski The Mevlevi Order, The Threshold Society

Nor Azurah Zakaria Sisters-in-Islam Forum Malaysia

Ahmed Abdalla Islam-on-line, Egypt

S. Abdallah Schleifer Adham Center, American University in Cairo

Tawfiq Alsaif Centre for Study of Democracy, London, UK

Amina Rasul Magbassa Kita Foundation, Philippines

Aftab Mack AMAL press (UK)

Arwa Hassan Transparency International, Berlin, Germany

Hajj Muhammad Legenhausen Qom, Iran

Randy Fermo Moro Committee, Philippines Solidarity Committee

Hassan Shi Aga Khan University

Abdelhamid Lotfi Mohammed V University, Rabat - Morocco

Mokhtar Benabdallaoui University of Hassan II - Morocco

Rachid Tlemani Institute of political Science, Algiers, Algeria

Cherno M.Jallow Civil Affairs Officer, UNAMSIL, Sierra Leone

Haytham Mouzahem Al-Mustaqbal newspaper, Beirut-Lebanon

Allan Ismail Allieds Interpreters, Amman, Jordan

Hassan Saeed Hussain Editor, Aafathis Newspaper, Rep. of Maldives

Anja Pistor-Hatam University of Kiel, Germany

Mohammed Faisal Rahman Way of Islam Service (WOIS), Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Ibrahim Abu Bakar       Malaysia

Nancy Roberts Amman, Jordan

David Osgood Cairo, Egypt

Kyoko N.Calhoun Tokyo,Japan

M. Abdul Qavi Blackheath, London, UK

Sahar Talaat Cairo, Egypt

Shan Haq Pakistan

Hamid Saeed Pakistan


Think Tanks (8):

John Duke Anthony     National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations, Washington DC

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad Minaret of Freedom Institute, Washington DC

Aly R. Abuzaakouk ARA Media Services

Robert D. Crane Center for Understanding Islam

Gray Henry   Fons Vitae/Islamic Texts Society

Lobna Ismail Connecting Cultures

Aziz al-Taee Iraqi American Council

Mirsad Mujovic, MBA Independent Institute for Social Studies


Interfaith Community (7):

Mary Ann Fadae Christian Theological Seminary

Osman Bakar Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding

Michael Kirtley President, The Friendship Caravan, Inc.

Hashim El-Tinay Founder Salam Sudan Foundation

Loucia Isaac Seropian Haigazian University Beirut

James Redington Woodstock Theological Center

Alim Khan Granada Muslims and Jews for Human Rights, Chicago


Concerned Citizens (51):

Avis Asiye Allman Independent Scholar, New York City

Michael Wolfe Santa Cruz, CA

Mahin Khatami             Medical Scientist

Mohammed el-Sheikh US Air Force

Arshad Khan National Press Club

A. Nooruddeen Durkee   Green Mountain School

Noora I. Durkee         Green Mountain School

Tahha N. Harp Pharmacist, Dearborn, Michigan

Arif Parwani Civil Engineer, Fremont, CA

Peter Molan USDOD Middle East Analyst (retired)

Lily Yazdi (Individual)

Mahir Haroun   Reliable Financial Services, Silver Spring, MD

Janet McElligott Washington, DC

Tooba Mayel Alexandria, VA

M. Salim Chowdhrey, MD Livingston, NJ

Mediha Ozdindar Orange, California

Mehar N Chowdhrey MD Livingston, NJ

Mohamed Osman Charlotte, NC

Mohamed Jarbu Charlotte, NC

Manzoor Husain Durham, NC

Ashraf Khan New York

Muhammad Feroz Orlando, FL

M. Husam Arkansas

Masood A. Sheikh N. Andover, MA

Katam Falou Maple Grove, MN

Karim Pathan Raleigh, NC

Najib Abdul-Haq Atlanta, GA

Shamiul Islam Nashville, TN

Gamal Selim NYC, NY

Kenrick W. Hackett Philadelphia, PA

Aishe Syed Richmond, BC

Ridwanur Rahman Olney, MD

Areeb Quasem Silver Spring, MD

Rana Khandekar Atlanta, GA

Rahmatullah Syed Montpellier, VT

Tabasum Saeed Edison, NJ

Bibi A. Khan Farmingdale, NY

A. L. Poonawalla No. Brunswick, NJ

David Haula Fairfax, VA

Mokhtar Zitoun Fairfax, VA

Aydan Kalyoncu Fairfax VA

Kamal Halwagi Environmental Engineer

Maliha Mohiuddin Manlius, New York

Jawaid Ahsah Nashville, TN

Kareem Irfan Chicago, IL

Hamza Kashif Alexandria Comm. Co.

Ismail Obeidallah Bowie, MD

Shali al-Khatib NIH, Maryland

Ayesha Mohamed NYC, NY

Mustafa Amier

Marjorie Ackerman

______________________ ______________________________________

* Organizations for identification only (partial list

For more information contact:
Dr. Radwan A. Masmoudi
Executive Director
(202) 251-3036
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Mr. Abdulwahab Alkebsi
Director of Dialogue of Civilizations
(301) 529-9816
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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