Syeed, Afeefa

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Afeefa Syeed is the Founding Director of Al Fatih Academy, a community school whose philosophy is integrated learning with an emphasis on civic education and participation. Through the school, she has helped develop the Peace Leaders Program to teach conflict resolution skills to elementary school students. She has also worked to initiate Kids Giving Salaam (Peace) to foster and inculcate the love of community service in children.

Afeefa is a diversity consultant and multicultural trainer based in Northern Virginia. She has consulted with a range of organizations including public school systems in the DC metro area, Simon & Schuster Children’s Book Division, the U.S. State Department, and MTV/Nickelodeon Productions. Afeefa is a member of various interfaith, social service and political action organizations. Her involvement and community activism led her to run for local office in 2003 as the Democratic candidate for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors from the Potomac District. Afeefa holds a Masters Degree in Applied Anthropology with a focus on Community and Grassroots Development. She is married with three sons.

Afeefa was recently invited to speak at the 2004 Herndon High School Commencement Ceremony. 

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