Sundas, Samina Faheem

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Ms. Samina Faheem Sundas, is the founding Executive Director of the American Muslim Voice, and Co-founder of Fear To Friendship, a group dedicated to subside the fear after 9/11 by forming life long friendships. 

Her focus is on community building and forming life long friendships among all Americans so we can all enjoy peace and harmony in our nation and in our world. She believes that we can achieve that goal through education, openness, acceptance and mutual respect.

She is a member of the Blue Triangle Network National Steering Committee, Multifaith Voices For Peace & Justice, Palo Alto, Ca, Board Member Friends of Human Relations, San Jose, CA and a founding member of Defense Committee of James Lee Muslim Chaplin. She was also the coordinator of the Muslim Nationwide Hot line, to help people regarding INS Special Registration and to protect civil liberties for all.

In recent months, she has been speaking extensively on civil liberties issues, particularly the USA Patriot Act. She was on the panel of Amnesty International USA National Hearings on Racial Profiling, held in Oakland on September 9, 2003.

Ms. Samina Faheem Sundas has personally assisted two counties and nine cities of California in passing resolutions against the Patriot Act and currently working to pass a resolution against the USA Patriot Act in the state of California.

She is a resident of Palo Alto, CA. Samina is a proud mother of two young adults, Misbah and Saqib.