Sidran, Abdulah

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Abdulah Sidran was born September 9th 1944 in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (now in Bosnia and Herzegovina); he is also referred to as Avdo, and is a Bosnian writer who writes screenplays and dramas.

His major works include Sahbaza, Bone and meat, The Sarajevo tomb (Sarajevski tabut), Why is Venice sinking (Zašto tone Venecija), several books of poetry, and screenplays for award-winning movies from the Former Yugoslavia, such as When father was away on business and Do you remember Dolly Bell, directed by Emir Kusturica, and Kuduz and The Perfect Circle, directed by Ademir Kenović.

His opus is characterized by a soft and soothing sensibility, where tragedy, meditativity and a specific and humorous irony change sides and play tricks on each other more often than not.

Abdulah Sidran currently lives in Sarajevo.