Shuaibe, Imam Faheem

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Faheem Shuaibe, Resident Imam/CEO of Waritheen Mosque & Director of the Clara Mohammed Schools & Warith Deen Mohammed high school in Oakland, California
Member of the Board of Directors, Islamic Networks Group (ING). Imam Faheem serves in various capacities for religious and public organizations and agencies in Oakland. Imam Shuaibe is a seasoned platform speaker and author with a catalog of books as well as hundreds of recorded lectures covering a wide spectrum of topics. Hes the frequent host of Masjidul WaritheenҒs weekly radio program and their twice-weekly television program. He has made hajj and made umrah twice. Imam Shuaibe is a world traveler who has been a part of several distinguished delegations that have taken him around the globe on various educational, religious, interfaith, and peace missions. He accompanied Imam Warith Deen Mohammed twice to Saudi Arabia, and twice to Rome with delegations participating in interfaith meetings of Muslims and Catholics hosted by the Focolare Movement. He represented Muslim Americans on an interfaith peace mission to Sudan. In 1997 he chaperoned a group of Muslim college students studying abroad in Malaysia. He has been interviewed and cited by the Muslim Journal, the Oakland Tribune, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury News, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the National Geographic, USA Today and others. Imam Shuaibe has lectured on many college and university campuses and participated on several television panels. Masjidul Waritheen and Clara Mohammed School were featured in a KPIX-TV weeklong special on Muslims. Imam Shuaibe has been variously recognized, receiving the keys to several cities across the country, the Phi Beta Sigma fraternitys Notable Citizen award, as well as special recognition from his home community, Masjidul Waritheen, for his strong, insightful and compassionate leadership for 20+ years.