Sardar, Prof. Ziauddin

Ziauddin Sardar

Professor Ziauddin Sardar (1951 - ), who has lived in Saudi Arabia (1975-1980) and is now based in London, is a prominent writer regarding the future of Islam and science and technology. He often writes columns in The Observer, a British Sunday newspaper, and the New Statesman, a weekly magazine.

Ziauddin Sardar is a writer, broadcaster and critic. He is a leading writer on the future of Islam and has published widely on science and technology. A Visiting Professor of Postcolonial Studies, Department of Arts Policy and Management at City University, London, he has published over 40 books on various aspects of Islam, science policy, cultural studies and related subjects.

Professor Sardar is the editor of Futures, the monthly journal of policy, planning and futures studies and co-editor of Third Text, the critical journal of visual art and culture.

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