Sakr, Dr. Ahmad H.

Dr. Ahmad H. Sakr got his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 1966. While studying in America, he was a founding member and president of the Muslim Students Association of the U.S. and Canada, currently known as the Islamic Society of North America (or ISNA) a mother organization of many Muslim organizations in North America. Dr. Sakr was also a founding member of the world Council of Mosques whose headquarters is in Makkah. He was the first director and representatives of the Muslim World League to the U.N.
Dr. Sakr is in education and has taught in several Amercan Universities. In 1973, he was selected as an Outstanding Educator of America. He is also an administrator and was acting president of the American Islamic College in Chicago. In 1976/77 he was selected as a Community Leader and a Noteworthy American. He has also received honorary citizenship from the Governor of Alabama, and golden keys from the Mayors of Mobile and Pritchard, Alabama.
Currently, he is the president of the Foundation for Islamic Knowledge, a board member of Care and Share International (CASI), director of the Islamic Education Center in Walnut, California, a member of Operation Safe Community, a member of the Walnut Interfaith Council of America (IFANCA).
Dr. Sakr has appeared on ABCҒs NightlineӔ as well as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). In addition, he has made numerous radio and television appearances. He has also organized and coordinated many national and international conferences. Additionally he is a well-known writer and has written a series of books and booklets on Islam, food, health, behavior, terrorism, fundamentalism, khutab, and orations. At last count, he had written over forty (40) books and booklets-not counting the innumerable articles he has authored.
Dr. Sakrs approach is to build a bridge of understanding through commonalities with Muslims and non-Muslims.
8. Islamic Orations 9. Book of Al-khutab 10. Orations From the Pulpit 11. Chronicle of Khutab 12. Friday Khutab 13. A manual of Friday Khutab 14. Khutab Al-Masjid
21. Dietary Regulations and Food Habits of Muslims 22. Overeating and Behavior 23. Islam on alcohol 24. Alcohol in Beverages, Drugs, Foods and Vitamins 25. Cheese 26. AFTO and FAO 27. Fasting in Islam 28. Foods and Overpopulation 29. Honey: A Food a Medicine 30. Gelatine in Foods 31. Shortening in Foods 32. A Manual on Food Shortenings 33. Pork: Possible Reasons for its Prohibition 34. Food supplementation 35. World Health Organization for Muslim Nations 36. A Muslim Guide to Good Ingredients 37. Natural therapeutics of Medicine in Islam (co-authored) 38. Islamic Dietary Laws and Practices (co-authored) 39. Food and Nutrition Manual (co-authored) 40. A Handbook of Muslims Foods
1. Islamic Fundamentalism (co-authored) 2. DuҒa After completing the Recitation of QurҒan 3. Introducing Islam to non-Muslims ((co-authored) 4. Prostration -Sujud 5. Guidelines of Employment by Muslims Communities (co-authored) 6. Ferewell Khutbah of the Prophet- Its Universal Values 7. Understanding Islam and Muslims 8. Muslims and non-Muslims: Face to Face 9. Matrimonial Education in Islam 10. Life, Death & the Life After 11. Al Jinn 12. Islamic and Muslims: Myths or Reality
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