Said, Abdul Aziz

Abdul Aziz Said is professor and director of the American University ‘s Center for Global Peace. He served as advisor to the Democratic Principles Working Group of the United States Department of State’s “Future of Iraq Project.” He is consultant to the members of the Iraqi Governing Council. He writes frequently to regional and international newspapers in the Arab world. He has contributed editorials to the Washington Post and was featured in the Washington Post Magazine on June 22, 2003 .

He is the senior ranking professor of international relations and the first occupant of the Chair of Islamic Peace. He founded the university-wide Center for Global Peace, which undertakes a range of activities, both on and off campus, aimed at advancing our understanding of world peace. He founded and serves as director of the International Peace and Conflict Resolution Division, in the School of International Service , which offers a Master of Arts degree and four dual or joint degree options, as well as concentrations at the Doctoral and Undergraduate levels.

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