Responses to Claims Made BY Specific Individuals and Organizations - replaced

compiled by Sheila Musaji

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Responses to Claims Made BY Specific Individuals and Organizations About Muslims or Islam


NOTE:  We have had as part of our Muslim Voices against Terrorism and Extremism resources a section on responses to Islamophobia.  This was in five parts:  - Responses to Claims Made ABOUT Islam and Muslims in General - Responses to Claims Made ABOUT Qur’an Verses, Arabic Terms, Prophet Muhammad - Responses to False Claims ABOUT Muslim Individuals & Organizations & Incidents Involving Muslims - Responses to Actual Extremist Statements & Incidents of Extremism or violence BY Muslims - Responses to Claims Made BY Specific Individuals and Organizations About Muslims.  Because of a restriction in the possible length of articles, we were unable to organize these in a more user-friendly manner.  Our webmaster has now resolved this problem.

We have combined all these five sections into one section.  The entries are alphabetical, and it should now be much easier to locate a response to a particular issue, incident, or individual.  In order to keep load time down for our readers, this single resource will still be divided into two sections:  A to L, and M to Z.  Sheila Musaji 3/5/2010.

We will leave this section online, but it has now been replaced by the new resource.

compiled by Sheila Musaji - Last updated 10/16/09

This section provides information about specific claims of individuals, as well as information about the reliability individuals who regularly make distorted claims about Islam, Arabs, and/or Muslims.

... Aish HaTorah film “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War With the West” [1] (Sheila Musaji),  2, 3
... Fouad Ajami [1][2] (Adam Shatz),  [3], [4] about his view of Al Jazeera, and his statement about clash of civilizations [5] (Amitai Etzioni), review of Christopher Caldwell’s book [6] (Eboo Patel)
... Paul Akers [1] “Why Islam Didn’t Conquer the World” Article (Sheila Musaji)
... Magdi Allam [1] (Hesham Hassaballa)
... American Muslim Congress’ complaint about Rabbie Yoffie speaking at ISNA [1] (Sheila Musaji)
... Larry Amon article on Obama converting to Islam [1] (Sheila Musaji)
... Ayaan Hirsi Ali “Infidel” book [1],  life story [2], 60 Minutes interview [3],  A One-Note Islam Critic (Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa) [4], [5] (Shelina Zahra Janmohamed), [6] lying to obtain asylum in Holland, [7] False prophets [8] NY Times article (Danya Shakveh) - [9] NY Times article “Where are moderate Muslims?” (Tariq Ramadan) - [10] (Ali Eteraz), [11] Eboo Patel. [12] Joshua Holland, [13] Rasna Warah, [14] (Margaret Kimberley), [15] (Nvasekie N. Konneh) [16] (Tom Heneghan) [17] (Mary Wakefield), [18] (Pankaj Mishra), [19] (Yusuf Smith)
... Michael Nazir Ali the Bishop of Rochester comments on self segregation [1]  (Yahya Birt), [2] (Hamed Chapman)
... American Jewish Committee ad in the New York Times 6/21/07 [1]
... Martin Amis’ statements