The False Claim that Muslims have no programs to counter radicalization - updated 5/23/2015

Sheila Musaji

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The False Claim that Muslims have no programs to counter radicalization

by Sheila Musaji

Over and over again, Islamophobes make the same series of claims after some act of violence carried out somewhere by Muslims.  See the TAM collection of information Resources for Responding to Islamophobia for answers to many of these repeated claims.

Robert Spencer has repeatedly falsely claimed thatAnd yet still no Muslim group anywhere has any program designed to teach young Muslims to reject the view of Islam that fuels these attacks. The significance of that fact is enormous, but no one notes or cares about that.  (emphasis mine).  His partner in hate, Pamela Geller wrote: “We hear, meanwhile, no cries for reform. “Moderate Muslims” hold no protests against the jihad here or abroad.”

This is absolute nonsense.  What is a “fact of enormous significance” is the Islamophobes’ refusal to see anything but negatives about Islam and Muslims.  American Muslims (as well as Muslims around the world) are attempting to counter the message of the extremists.  If those making these false claims about the non-existence of Muslim programs had read Good News Stories About/By/For North American Muslims in 2012, they would have noticed a category in that collection titled “ANTI-RADICALIZATION AND EXTREMISM EFFORTS”.  We are attempting to understand how radicalization happens, and to work both within our communities and with law enforcement agencies to counter extremist messages. Muslim voices against extremism and terrorism have been clear.  Muslims have held rallies and protests against extremism.  They include Fatwas & Statements by Muslim Scholars & Organizations, Statements and Articles by well-known Muslim scholars and community activists.  A collection of such denunciations and clarifications may be found [url=