Radio Salaam Shalom Premieres

  RADIO SALAAM SHALOM——is a Muslim-Jewish cooperative “first” in England.

    Today they began broadcasting to the world, intertwining inspiring Jewish, Arabic and universal music.  During this first day, hosting and live narratives have been by Muslims and Jews equally.  Programming is accented by surprisingly parallel wisdom teachings from Islam and Judaism.
    In addition to listening, the public is invited to talk—pre-record and send in your own programs for broadcast.  They say: “Radio Salaam Shalom is all about dialogue and we’d like to get you talking too.  “In fact, if you’re a Salaam Shalom listener, we’d like to invite you to submit your own radio shows to us and we’ll play them if we like them!”  At they help you create and submit your own Podcast of 28 or 56 minutes.

    RADIO SALAAM SHALOM becomes part of a growing family, including the pioneering RADIO ALL FOR PEACE:

    RADIO SALAAM SHALOM—Muslims and Jews talking together—is already encouraging dialogue and understanding between the Muslim and Jewish communities in Bristol and beyond.

    Even on day one, the online radio station is broadcasting a mixture of music and speech, and focusing on the many aspects of Jewish and Muslim life.

    They are allowing two cultures which have been linked for thousands of years to talk together and share their experiences.

    RADIO SALAAM SHALOM intends to be the voice of the “moderate majority” where people from both communities will have the chance to celebrate, debate and share the events, issues and faith that shape their daily lives. 

    “Alive” is how we’d describe the spirit of the hosts and guests.  Excited to be together.  Cooperating to discover their shared humanity and common future.  Destined to have a strong effect on the world of broadcasting and human relationships.