Qur’an: Message of the Qur’an (Muhammad Asad translation, new edition)

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The New Edition of the Message of the Qur’an Muhammad Asad’s monumental translation and commentary is now available in England and in the USA. This beautiful new edition, published by the Book Foundation and designed by Ahmed Moustafa, includes completely new typography, art and a complete transliteration of the Arabic text. It will be available as a hardback: £28, $55, 39 Euros, and as a Boxed set of 6

A fresh look at Muhammad Asad’s classic English translation and explanation of the Qur’an is offered in this redesigned and updated edition of his work. A new typeset and index is complimented with a prologue by the distinguished British Muslim Gai Eaton and original artwork by internationally renowned artist and scholar Dr. Ahmed Moustafa. Asad’s translation is widely considered to be the foremost in conveying the meaning and sensibility of the original Arabic text, making this edition a must-have for English readers with a budding interest in Islamic studies and veteran scholars alike.