Posts on Anti-Muslim Sites Applaud Hajj Deaths

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“I really can’t crank out any tears for these people. Like bedbugs and roaches, the sooner the world is rid of them, the better.”
“hey l have a great idea, why dont muslims celebrate hajj monthly, that way they can send more to meet their allah!!”
“For some real fun what you do is release hundreds of thousands of Pork Belly Pigs into the crowd of 2.5 million and you’ll see a rock and roll dance on a scale that Dick Clark never dared to envision in his wildest dreams.”
“Only 345?? Well, that’s a start& I’m with Lulu - they should do this more often!”
“The only thing I think is a pity is that the number of those who got trampled didn’t match the number of innocents killed by muslims in the last year.”
“Strategically dropped buckets of pigs blood from low flying airplanes (on top of the sludge (Hajj) celebration) with dropped messages in Arabic, Urdu, Farsi yada yada informing it IS in fact piggies blood on them would lead to upset MAD MAD MAD - MADDER MUSSULMANS!

“Just like Carrie, boy would you have mad Moslems that are likely to trample one another! Inshallah, they would kill themselves and pare humanity their religion.”
“I feel a minimum of sympathy for people who cant learn how to get out of each others way.”
“Yay, 345 less people that want me dead.”
“I’m definitely no expert (and don’t want to be) in Islam, but I know enough to know that it is as dangerous and vicious a death-dealing cult now as it was in the 7th century. That is why I exhult in the death of Moslems and that is why I have said (in many fora) that fewer Moslems is better; that they should be forcefully removed from the West and that any destruction visited on them is good for decent people everywhere.”