POETRY:  Trust in God

Khaled Nusseibeh

Posted Aug 5, 2006      •Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version
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Trust in God

A malaise in belief and action hovers over a society
Which divorces trust in God from positive action

A cigarette thrown on a floor with flammable substances
Or driving a car without fastening a seat belt

Or provoking an adversary without preparedness
So that when defeat occurs trust in God is invoked

God Almighty has embedded creation with causes and effects
Rules and laws that universally prevail

Alas, material sustenance cannot be effortlessly attained
Without toil, knowledge and organization

And paradise cannot be attained without deliberate choice and effort
A sound creed, worship and righteous conduct

And a person cannot become a scholar overnight
Without sustained effort spanning numerous years

Car accidents can be dramatically reduced
By entwining trust in God with observation of traffic regulations

Producing cars, TVs, computers cannot be achieved
By mere trust in the unseen divorced from the rules of life

Progress is veritably an achievable circumstance
When it is vehicled by science, planning and organization

Indeed, God voluntarily intervenes in all phenomena
Manifesting Himself in invariant laws

He made humans His vice gerents
Bearing the trust which mountains refused to carry