POETRY:  Travels Beyond

Khaled Hazem Nusseibeh

Posted Jul 20, 2004      •Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version
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Travels Beyond

The mystic traveler has a tryst with truth

A moment of joyous love of God

He sees naught but His cosmic presence

Nearer to the heart than the jugular vein

Knowledge of God is an endless trail

To be trodden with yearning for more

Dazzled is a heart of a praising soul

The universe a sign of the Great Lord

But a dazzled heart must be washed from sin

Pondering the truth that encompasses all

The journey to know has a weapon to use

A Shari`ah thats GodҒs guide to spirits trek

Subhanallah is the utterance of a heart consumed

The calling to fear an Omniscient God

The traveler meets his Lord even in a labyrinth

Dhikr that nears him to GodҒs unknowable mercy

Life is a canyon of pleasure immense

Matching dhikr is an unattainable quest

Afterlife is the soothing thought of penitent hearts

Paradise the splendid abode of an awaited tomorrow

Hellfire the fear of a heart torn

Grief at the sins of a youthful day

Love of Muhammad is the tune of wondrous worship

Peace on him the guide of knowing souls

A haqiqa of amazing surrender

A repository of Revelation Divine

Gods Word anchored in MuhammadҒs radiant heart

Uncreated speech of truth and love

Ahmad the guide and mercy to every world

Illuminating darkness with shining truth

The traveler yearns for Ahmad to know his Lord

Following the exemplar of obedience to God

Journeyers of noble though unrested souls

Finding a truth beyond reasons bound

The kings would strike the saints with swords

If only they knew the pleasures of dhikrҒs way