POETRY:  Tragic

Khaled Nusseibeh

Posted Jun 19, 2007      •Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version
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A calamity visits a person, a family, a community
When economics and decadence enslave a girl

And chains are placed on a free individual
So that sale of body becomes a profession

She was endowed with intrinsic dignity and humanity
Abused and trampled upon for worldly gain and pleasure

The sacred feminine was created for nurturing offspring
And sharing licit love with a man

May God guide those who desecrate one of humanity’s sacreds
The great family institution

The red light district sows and spreads corruption
Corrosive of the fabric of social living

Masquerading behind the guise of freedom
Sanctity is abused and placed on the altar of wicked Satan

A will to endure temptation is a sound alternative
To descent into self-destroying debasement

Economic solutions coupled with social and moral renewal
And a determination by the powerful to overcome the malaise

Repentance is the means to chart a new course
For a woman, a man, a society and a nation

That sets its priorities by defending what is sacred
To the human family at large

Cultural reality is a malleable condition
That may be modified to safeguard fundamental interests