POETRY:  The Divine Breath Light

Lubna Ahmed

Posted Feb 11, 2003      •Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version
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          The Divine Breath Light

i wonder about you heba.
i love the way your houri eyelashes
cover you so—

i try to decipher the faraway look
in your forlorn eyes
the way i imagine angels
would fill the universe
with their mighty wings;

i try to read the love poetry
on your aged young face
the way mothers pray
for martyred sons

how many years of weeping
has your heart taken?

when you drop me off at the bus stop
and we wave each other bye,
sadness stabs my very being:

will we still journey together
when mountains are overturned
soul sighs extinguished
and days shortened
to yesterday’s dreams?

let me gather your desert flowers
in my heart’s depth

water nurture them
in my soul…

the Divine Breath Light
into stone hearts
life trickles forth
soft translucent pearls of light
of grace.