“Stop the elephants! Stop the elephants!”
everyone shouts.
But they just keep coming.

“The up button! The up button!” yells the
but it just keeps sinking.

“The fire! Put out the fire!” they
  chorus, but it leaps to the
paper pile and the
house ignites.

Everyone prays for safety but the
landslide keeps sliding.

Everyone goes on their hands and knees
but Vesuvius flows down.

Trees fall in the earthquake,
in a black sky, in the
eye of the beholder,

the heart finds it inconceivable, the
  mind goes numb.

Way inside the innermost world
unimaginable disaster is happening,

way within that
may actually rain down.

The voice of the Doer may be heard
above the din of breaking rafters,

in the shipwreck the drowning sailor
may hear the lullaby of love.

The forest opens, the fire halts, the
submarine breathes, the elephants freeze.
But in the perishing world
we perish.

The door to God flings open.
“Enter now,” we’re commanded.

We slip out of this world like a coat
that falls to the floor behind us.

“Welcome,” the voice says with sweet
patience and peace.

“You’re here.”

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