POETRY:  Scattered Dreams

Hasan Abbas Raza,       
translated by Amr Rasheed

Posted Sep 18, 2002      •Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version
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Scattered Dreams

In my mind’ s eye I saw her
Elegantly gliding in fine clothes now
Standing in front of a mirror
Her eyes brimming with innocence
She tossed back her hair
And studied herself from head to toe
I saw the colors of the rainbow
Caress her lips and rosy cheeks
Her eyes shifting over her radiant self, now
Studying her delicate shoe, a wispy smile
Of self-approval glowing with delight
I’m certain that instant
The mirror held her image longer, long after the
Tick-tocking of her shoes faded as
She headed to her car locking the door that morning

I wonder
What memories flooded her mind?
What lovely moments of her life she mused upon
I wonder what dreams she carried in her pocketbook
What key to the future lay hidden in her purse?
Or was
The shining diamond on her little finger the key
To her wispy smile, her future, her dreams

And far, very far in my mind’ s eye
I watched her go up the elevator to the 100th floor
As she stepped out
Her eyes once again resting on her delicate shoe
A ghost of a smile breaking the seriousness of her face
The silence of the hallway as she stepped into
The bewildered sounds of all hell breaking loose

Once again
I saw from the distance in my mind’s eye
Her delicate body shattered into tiny pieces
Flesh, blood, and dreams scattering all around
Her lovely shoe unclaimed finally resting
By the rubble with her delicate foot
Waiting for Cinderella’s return

written in Urdu:  by Hasan Abbas Raza
translated into English: by Amr Rasheed