POETRY:  Goblets

Abdal-Hayy Moore

Posted May 2, 2003      •Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version
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We humans are like goblets
we may contain a heady wine
or break if dropped

Light through the sides may show a
gorgeous scene
mountains or a seaside esplanade
fires on a hillside or a
sparkling waterfall

But glass through resilient and even
capable when cracked
still useable when chipped
shatters so easily on impact
irreparably deformed

Spun in a red heat
noble on its tall stem
water milk or wine may be contained
when drunk to the dregs we’re empty
fillable again with patience
lips touch us and we
shiver with an icy light
and become warm

But if liquid’s left to freeze inside
the goblet breaks from inner pressure
pure physics not metaphysics

Love is the hands that lift its rim to
lips that touch glassy edges
capable of singing

Goblet lifted on a colossal rainbow
radiating corn fields in all directions
sunflowers of intense yellow light rolling out
beneath it

Heaven in its open mouth pouring out
exact multitudes of stars

God drinks from it a drink
poured into it from the start

And never stops drinking
through the stem of the heart