POETRY: Go Deeper

David Fideler

Posted Nov 29, 2002      •Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version
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Go Deeper

Everyone’s head has been filled
with empty thoughts and desires.

The search for authenticity
is the only journey worth taking.
But each time you set out, you turn back.

When will the journey begin?

You have the resources, the inner depth -
But when will you drink from that well?

This life is serious business.
It requires courage, commitment, and risk.
We are not given a second chance.

Stop avoiding life through idle games,
acting out the parts you’ve been handed.

Don’t enter the garden
of overly-simplistic categories,
where Reality is shrouded
in nebulous tendrils.

Go deeper.

Surrender in reality, not just in name.

Go deeper.

The silent center of your heart holds the answer,
but is surrounded by a hundred chattering idols.

Go deeper.

What is your deepest desire?

Go deeper.

the Temple
to know
your self.

August 2002