POETRY:  Faith

Lubna Ahmed

Posted Feb 11, 2003      •Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version
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the shimmering water in my soul
moistens beneath the sun’s touch.

a green symphony plays the calling
of God: we sleep while nature prays.

i offer you sweet mangos:
color of sunset, token of faith.

your soul, o noble Messenger:
a sky radiating God’s light.

a child gathers heaven
in her eyes: fleshing of

bones, clotting of blood
beneath layers of darkness,

and then the birth of a
universe in need of God.

come to prayers, come to prayers:
which of God’s favours do you deny?

the early hours of dawn and the gentle stream:
at night, stars splash sparks of truth

a prayer for you: may God’s Light
awaken your inborn faith, till it

flows like human blood in human veins
and your soul: deep like the primordial river.