POETRY: Ecstatic Dancing

Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

Posted Mar 2, 2003      •Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version
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After an hour and a half of ecstatic dancing

After fifteen minutes of ecstatic dancing

After twenty-five and a half minutes of ecstatic dancing

After just ten minutes of ecstatic dancing

After being held for just one minute to the central cyclotron of ecstatic dancing

After being run down by the stampeding horses of ecstatic dancing and
clutching tight to their glistening manes

After disappearing for long periods of time in the ramshackle shack flying apart
in ecstatic dancing

After one solid minute under the waterfall of ecstatic dancing

After sighting land afar off under pink clouds and
green sunlight in the brilliant golden sky of ecstatic dancing

After concluding and then deconcluding in the
heightened inconclusive argument of the self shivered down to its
essential non-existence in the super reality of ecstatic dancing

After crickets and songbirds and every howling animal on earth join together
in the untouched Paradise of ecstatic dancing

After dreaming and waking up and then waking up
in the dream of being awake forever in ecstatic dancing

After plucking the ripe fruit and digesting it completely in just one
delicious moment of ecstatic dancing

After being transformed from a butterfly into a
freight train and from a freight train into a
redwood forest and from a redwood forest into a
snowy mountain range of weeping willows in the
moonlight and from that snowy mountain range of weeping willows into pure
moonlight itself in ecstatic dancing

After one breath of Allah taken and received and given out into the
world again in just one unbated breath of ecstatic dancing

and after the endlessness of this poem that will
continue long after it’s finished in the endlessly
energized eternity of ecstatic dancing

After ecstatic dancing is done and begun again
and we enter into its core as we
were at the first and will be at the last again deathless and
breathless in ecstatic dancing

After just one second of ecstatic dancing

After God’s blessed message excites us again
to ecstatic dancing