POETRY:  Flies and Fools

Abu Hassan

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Flies and Fools

by Abu Hassan

Which came first:
The Fool or the Fly?
The Fool unwise, rushes to demise.
The Fly alights, bites and - well
Just flies.
The Fool came first! (Some say)
Or perhaps the Fly.
Wist you one, the other, to try,
not irritating life now, past or
by and by?

The Fly came first! (Some say)
Mayhap the fool.
Who, gazing in life’s pool
reflects the antics of an
educated fool.

Flies are seasonal -
Fools perpetual.
More Fools or more Flies?
Not a question,
A conundrum in disguise.

Allahu Alim!
He has a purpose for all.
Even flies and fools submit
- one and all -
To His Call.

Originally published in the Spring 1993 print edition of The American Muslim.