PETITION:  Stop the Israel/Gaza violence!

PETITION:  Stop the Israel/Gaza violence! 

Eric Yellin initiated a petition on Facebook - Stop the Israel/Gaza violence!

The petition reads:

We, Israeli civilians living along the border with Gaza, civilians in Gaza and citizens from all around the world call to end the violence!

Every few weeks violence across the Gaza/Israel border surges. Israel air raids in Gaza, kill and injure innocent civilians, and rockets fired from Gaza into civilian populations in Israel, cause trauma, chaos and physical harm.

We have lived through this long enough, and will no longer sit by quietly.

We are people on both sides of the border who deserve the right to live normal lives. That’s it!

We call upon the Israeli and Hamas governments to end this violence once and for all. Find the ways to sit down and talk, end the attacks and the siege on Gaza, and stop playing with our lives.

The petition has already been signed by 32,458 people.  Please consider signing and sharing with others. 

Petition on Facebook is at

(If you do not have a Facebook account go and sign here:


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