Persecution of Muslims Under Cover of “fighting terrorism”

China is using the “war on terrorism”  and the terror label to justify suppression of Islam and persecution of Muslims.  Chinese Muslims are asking for international help as it seems the government is stepping up persecution of Muslims in China’s Western provinces.

The Muslims of KazakhstanAzerbaijan, ChechnyaUzbekistan, Burma, and even India. appear to be suffering from the same difficulty, and echoes of this problem are beginning in Sri Lanka .  Interestingly, Uzbek rights have become an issue in the British elections.

The Philippine Government has dismissed U.S. claims that Mindanao is a hotbed of terrorism.  And, the U.S. has been requested to stay out of the Mindanao Peace Process.  The MILF has been vindicated in the Davao bombings, and is ignoring a U.S. blacklisting threat and denies any al Qaeda connection.

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights called on Tuesday for combating defamation of religions, especially Islam, and condemned discrimination against Muslims in the West’s war on terrorism.

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