Pamela Geller Discovers MEAC: a Non-Existent Muslim Organization

Pamela Geller Discovers MEAC: a Non-Existent Muslim Organization

by Sheila Musaji

On January 16, 2011, Pamela Geller published an article “Your Future: “A Servant of Islam” about an “Islamic” organization called Muslim Education Action Center MEAC.  She included alarming quotes from their website.

Geller’s commentary on this

Here’s how they are going to shove the sharia down your kafir throat ... In other words, if you do not accept living under the most radical, extreme ideology on the earth, Islamic (sharia) law, than you are filled with “confusion, hatred, intolerance and discrimination.”

If you study Islam and know and understand the sharia and attempt to educate others, much the way I and others (Robert Spencer, Ibn Warraq, Wafa Sultan, et al) have done, then you are filled with “confusion, hatred, intolerance and discrimination.”

If you oppose the Ground Zero Islamic supremacist mosque, than you are filled with “confusion, hatred, intolerance and discrimination.”

If you expose their agenda and you expose the Islamic supremacists and Muslim Brotherhood proxies like CAIR, MAS, ISNA, ICNA, Imam Rauf, Daisy Khan, et al, than you are filled with “confusion, hatred, intolerance and discrimination.” Did you see Daisy Khan’s vile Islamic propaganda in Reader’s Digest (of all places)? The media has signed our death warrant as a civilization.

...  I’d rather blow up the world than live as a slave. As for Bin Talal, we have to stop financing our executioners. Enough dollars for jihad. We need to throw the left-enemy out of power and start drilling and mining our own resources. We must throw off the shackles that the enemy within has enslaved us with.

UPDATE: Troubling note on the subversion and how these groups cross-pollinate and are one, in fact operating from the same Islamic playbook (the qur’an):  Reader Megan wrote tipped me off to this. I googled the address of the MEAC trust—2100 M street suite 170—and the very first search result is Ground Zero mosque imam radical Rauf and the Cordoba movement here, under the Muslim Brotherhood proxy ISNA.  How creepy is all this? MEAC, ISNA, Rauf—stealth jihad.

The problem with this alarming article is that it simply is entirely false and based on a hoax.  I tried googling the key people mentioned on the MEAC site Hashim bin Talal Mohammed Sharif Mahdavi and only found them listed on other Islamophobic sites attacking MEAC.  They don’t seem to exist.  MEAC was a hoax, and so were all of the “connections” Geller made with real Muslims and real Muslim organizations.

Justin Elliott reports Conservative activist James O’Keefe today released a sting video showing an NPR fundraising official saying impolitic things to a couple of (fake) potential Muslim donors. A key part of the sting was the creation of a hoax website for the fake group the donors represented, the Muslim Education Action Center (MEAC).  ...  The website for MEAC read a lot like a right-wing cartoon version of radical Islam — so perhaps it’s not surprising that a few notoriously anti-Muslim bloggers were apparently taken in by the hoax website. (It’s not clear that the NPR officials ever saw the site.)  Pamela Geller, the blogger who deserves much of the credit for starting the “ground zero mosque” controversy, seized on MEAC’s website way back in January, pointing to passages on the website that promoted the bogeyman of sharia.  ...  There’s a chance that Geller was in on O’Keefe’s hoax all along (I’ve e-mailed her inquiring about this), but her January post certainly comes off as genuine.  ...  Geller today has a new post up in which she writes: “This sting site was the front for a ruse to see if NPR was jihadist-sympathizing. They didn’t just take the bait, they surprised even the most jaded among us.”

Hussein Rashid points out in the article Shari’ah Website a Right Wing Fake So, it seems that the biggest shari’ah-propagating group in America is front for a conservative media group.  ... Justin Elliot, at Salon, calls the website for the Muslim Education and Action Center (MEAC) “a fake website about Muslims created by right-wing bloggers confirming everything right-wing bloggers believe about Muslims.” Basically, it means that the entire shari’ah conspiracy industry is the Islamphobic constituency from beginning to end. It’s so complete that Pam Gellar was taken in by the ruse.  Every attack against the shari’ah complex has been against an organization that is run by non-Muslims in order to expose NPR. Too bad Muslims are paying the price for this disingenuous “threat.”

I checked back on the MEAC website and found that while it is still online, the front page now has a request for donations to something called “project veritas”, and a disclaimer signed by Simon Templar/“Ibrahim Kasaam”

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

Welcome to, an element of “Project Muslim Brotherhood.”  We hope you will follow closely and enjoy learning more about Project Muslim Brotherhood in the coming days and weeks. 

With a few exceptions, such as the page of this website (which you are currently reading), the website remains mostly unchanged.  To view other pages, see the menu bar at the top of the page. 

In case it wasn’t clear enough, there is no organization MEAC Trust or anything of the sort.  Nothing on this website is real or representative of an actual Muslim organization.

There is a site for the organization Project Veritas, run by James O’Keefe  but it seems to be mostly a self-promoting and fund raising effort by O’Keefe.