Tijani, Ahmed Ben Omar

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Originally born in Ghana West Africa. Specialized in Islam Law and Jurisprudence,
including comparative religion, Astronomy, Spiritual Science and Healing, Divine Poetry and
Chanting, Singing, Fine Arts and Culture. He took Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Kulliyat
Athakaffah Al Arabiyah in Ghana and studied and Mastered the Biblical Science and History
through the Methodist Missionary Hight School in Ghana. Specialized in Media Broadcasting
and Mass-communications also obtained a Master of Comparative Religion. He studied and
memorized the Holy Qur’aan at the age of 15 and the Holy Bible by the age of 20.

Secretary General of the African Muslim Organization in Africa; Director General Ghana
National Council for Islamic Celebrations; Director Quranic Institute Lagos, Nigeria; Religious
Education Broadcaster Nigeria Radio and Television; Imam Islamic Educational Congress
USA; member International Organization of Journalist; consultative with Economic Social
Council United Nations and UNSECO; Educational and Religious Editor West Africa Press
Syndicate; National Advisor International Association of Sufism USA; Advisor Islamic Studies
and Research Association ISSRA USA; President and Imam Universal Islamic Center USA;
member of the World Council of Religious Leader under the auspices of The United Nations
Millennium World Peace Summit;

Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar consistently advocates spiritual and interfaith interactions from a
global perspective. This unique approach includes socio-political, historical and
anthropological aspects as well religious dispensations.

Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar has traveled to over 105 countries worldwide giving numerous
lectures and presentations at conferences, universities and public gatherings around the
world. Hosted and directed several national and international Islamic conferences for peace.

He is considered one of the best Spiritual Singers and Reciters of the Holy Qur’aan in the

Loves painting, composing and singing, teaching, meditating and contemplating.

Considers himself hopeless, helpless, useless, worthless, homeless good for nothing,
compared to nothing. Subject only to seeking yearning and longing for a drop of mercy and
compassion from the ultimate God of Creation Almighty God Allah.